Manny Pacquiao vs Erin Brady Pillow Fight Replay Video

Before Manny Pacquiao get inside the ring with Timothy Bradley for the second time, the eight-division boxing champion have to first face Miss USA Erin Brady in a pillow fight.

manny pacquiao vs erin brady

The fight known as Beauty vs The Beast would last for two rounds (20 seconds each). Both titleholders in their respective league will be fighting in a pillow fight. Manny would have to follow boxing rules such as no head-butting, no ear biting, and no sucker punching. Erin Brady, on the other hand, can do anything she wanted.

Watch the Video below:

Manny Pacquiao was smiling for the whole time defending himself while Erin is so aggressive. After the two rounds the score ended 119 ¾ – 119 ½ in favour of the beauty queen.

This pillow fight match-up is part of the promotion for upcoming Pacquiao vs Bradley rematch that is expected to happen on April 2014.

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