Mara Clara:Mara is Alive

For sure every follower of the top-rated TV series “Mara Clara” is rejoicing by now since from tonight’s episode it seems that Mara is still alive.

It was in the scene where Clara is having a bad dream about what happened to them before and after the explosion, and after that was a scene where Mara’s face (left side) was shown.

Mara woke up in a place called San Roque, she was taking cared my Berhinya (Jan Marini) and Nanding (forgot the name) an additional character in the series.

Based on the story of Berhinya Mara was found by Utoy across the street wounded. At this point, Mara is having amnesia. This happening is very much unexpected and hard to explain, but good thing she is alive.

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  • Lovly jennel R. DE Alba

    I belive that mara is a live because she is the star but I think gary should die!!! Hiiii!!! mara and clara
    P.S. I love you!!!

    • matt

      :-) If gary died then there will be no “contrabida”.

  • cyrel d. pellosis

    hay naku nakakaiyak kapag umiiyak si alvira sana bumalik na si mara sa bahay nila no

  • Allan

    Just happy to find that mara is alive.da episode is amazing i luv it mara clara.

  • Azonto

    Thank God Mara is Alive bt Gary deserve Death

  • Anna

    Am so happy Mara is alive cos i’av been having nightmares since D̶̲̥̅̊ day I watched D̶̲̥̅̊ explosion… But who actually died in place of Mara?

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