Maria Aragon at THE Ellen Generes Show

Ellen Generes meets Maria Aragon the young youtube sensation, a ten-year-old Filipina-Canadian, born and raised in Winnipeg Canada.

It all started with a tweet by Lady Gaga herself about Maria Aragon’s cover of the song “Born This Way.” This act from the superstar turned her rendition to be one of the most viewed clips on youtube around 11 Million in just a short while.

Maria was invited by Gaga to perform a duet at her upcoming concert in Toronto Canada (March 3) through a phone patch from a radio station in Winnipeg.

Ellen asked if she was nervous about performing with Lady Gaga, Aragon said it’s hard not to be.
“Well, it’s kind of (like), she’s really up there and I’m like only beginning,” she told DeGeneres.

See the rest on the video:

Aragon said she was thrilled that Lady Gaga not only saw her video but loved it.
“It’s not every day you get to talk to a superstar, (that) you get feedback from a superstar saying you did great on a cover that’s her song,” Aragon said.

She chose to cover Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” because of its meaning. She said that is about just being yourself because God made you who you are and you are no different than anybody else.

At the time of the interview, Maria Aragon is only 10 years old. She was singing for 7 years since she was 3 years old.

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