Mary Christine Jolly Married to Derek Ramsay

Mary Christine Jolly the name that ranks number one on yahoo’s trending topic in June 2011. It has been a few days since the TV patrol broadcasts news regarding Derek Ramsay.

Apparently, the actor has been married for 11 years to Mary Christine Jolly, a Fil-Indian model born in Las Pinas. They also have an 11-year-old son named Austin.

Here is ABS CBN news’ copy of the marriage certificate of Mary Christine Jolly and Derek Ramsay. ABS CBN news acquired an official marriage contract from the National Statistics Office (NSO). The document states that Derek Arthur Ramsay and Mary Christine Jolly (a 21-year-old woman during that time) had their wedding ceremony on April 3, 2002, at around 3 pm.

The wedding happened at the Mayor’s office of Balagtas, Bulacan. At that time, it was Mayor Reynaldo Castro who officiated the wedding ceremony. Aside from the mayor, there are two additional persons who witnessed the event. The marriage was still legal according to a family lawyer. You can read the full story on the ABS-CBN News website.

Update as of January 2020:

Derek Ramsay’s marriage is now null and void

“The Better Woman” actor confirmed the matter after replying to a follower’s comment in one of his Instagram posts. His follower said that she is hopeful for the annulment of the actor’s previous marriage.

Follower: I hope Derek will be annulled legally para Mas lalong masaya
Ramsayderek07: @follower I am dear

The actor’s “I am dear” reply confirms the speculation that his marriage to the former partner is now null and void.

Also, in the latter part of the conversation on Instagram, his legal counsel clarifies that the actor’s “I am dear” reply does not pertain to his “state of being happy.” Instead, he is referring to the fact that his marriage is now null and void.

There you have it guys. I hope the fans and followers of the actor are happy about the good news.

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  • jun

    Well, being married to somebody is supposed to be a normal occurence in one’s life; however, because an actor, who is now going steady with an actress, is involved here, the issue becomes interesting and a fodder for gossips. It comes surprising to movie fans considering that Derek is publicly known to be still a bachelor. In all the news and releases that I have already read, there is however no mention about the current status of the model Mary Christine Jolly. Is she married to somebody else now? Any background info on her would be interesting.

  • kean fernandez

    you cant expect people to keep quiet in this isssue as derek is a public fugure and everybody knew he is a bachelor…i know the family of his wife personally and they were very quiet about the whole issue..its just that derek being a public figure, who is admired by millions of filipinos, disowned what he lawfully used to have…its not the denial thats disgusting but it is a matter of if you’re man enough, take full responsibility of what you did..i can confirm it myself that derek has a son,, beautiful and innocent son who has the full resemblance of his father though, only whiter in complexion…

  • Ben Canon

    Derek was trying to hide his marriage like a teenage girl trying to hide her pregnancy. How long can they hide it?

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