McDonalds Philippines New McSavers TV Commercial

McDonalds Philippines has released their latest Everyday McSavers commercial this July 2014. The 30-second TV commercial features three (3) Lolos (Grandfather).

mcdonalds philippines tv commercial july 2014

Two of which were sort of talking about their latest workout achievements while sipping a cup of Mcfloat. They also got to show the latest gadgets they used to monitor heartbeat.

In a shortwhile the third lolo approaches the table carrying the coolest gadget among them, which is the selfie monopod. In few seconds, he was able to capture a nice selfie photo of them including a Lola (grandmother) who finds the device cute.

Watch the video below:

The video was uploaded on youtube on July 28,2014. It already has 3500 views with 80 likes. One of commenter remarked that this video is one of the best TV commercial he ever watched.

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