Meg Fernandez Bucsit, Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Concert Opening Act in Manila

Taylor Swift Red Tour concert is about to happen in Manila on Friday, June 6,2014. Probably, after you watched the concert you would ask who is Meg Fernandez Bucsit? The one who performed in the opening act during the event?

meg fernandez bucsit picture while performing

Upon doing some research, I found out that Meg Bucsit was the winner of the Selecta Ride to Fame contest. She proved to everyone that she deserves the title by besting 300 other aspirants. The price is that she will be performing as the front act during Taylor Swift’s concert here in Manila.

Meg Bucsit wowed the three Selecta Ride to Fame judges (Rico Blanco, Abra, and Vic Valenciano) during the Sem-final round. Watch the video below:

According to Vic Valenciano, Meg is a total package, she has the looks, voice, and the performance. Rico Blanco had positive remarks. He told that he would love to manage an artist like Meg. The music icon also told that she has the vocal quality, control, mastery of instrument, and the presence. Abra was blown away with her performance.

Meg Fernandez Bucsit is 22 years old from Baguio City. She started making music when she was in High School. She loves singing even she was a child. She was fortunate that her family encourage and supported her. She inspires to write songs based on her experiences. Meg, I should say has the genes of an artist. Her father is a drummer while her mother was a singer.

Based on her Facebook page (asmegsleeps and Meg Fernandez) she performs in bars and in weddings. She has her own band, she writes songs, and most of all she loves Jordan shoes.

meg bucsit picture

If you want her to perform in any of your events (like wedding), you can check the booking details on the above photo. You can also like her facebook page so you will be updated with her upcoming gigs.

Check her awesome “Make You Feel My Love” Cover

*Photos credits to Meg Fernandez Bucsit, youtube videos credits to Selecta Cornetto and asmegsleeps youtube account

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