My EPSON T10 runs out of ink easily

My wife, fortunately, won this Epson T10 printer over a raffle at their Christmas party many years ago. We utilize it only after a few months because we are still using our old HP printer. We only decided to use T10 when our HP printer runs out of ink.

At first, I thought we would be able to save expenses for ink since this printer offers a newer technology. The reason is you can purchase the ink cartridges per color. Meaning we would only replace the cartridge that we frequently use. Also, as stated on its box it prints faster with 22 pages per minute.

The printing characteristics were OK. However, after printing 35 pages of term paper the low ink signal began to blink. It showed a warning that black ink was about to run out.

Compared to our HP printer I think this particular Epson model is inferior. Because with our HP printer, even if I print as many as 50 pages, it won’t run out of ink that easily.

Also, what I noticed about this printer is that it is very noisy during the printing process. I have printed forms and pages and it consumed around 20 minutes so also the 22 pages per minute is not true.

The ink cartridges are sold by set for Php 1360 (all four colors). But if you’re going to buy individual cartridges they would cost Php 500 each. The ink cartridge price is similar to our old HP printer but HP prints more pages than this Epson T10.

Enough of this negative feedback. To be fair, Epson T10 also has its good side. It has a program that if the black ink will soon runs out it would asks the user if he/she would allow the printer to mix all other remaining colors to create a composite black. For me, this characteristic is somehow unique with Epson so at least there is one good side.

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Also, this type of technology in which the ink cartridge is in the individual ink containers is probably new to Epson. I am pretty sure, in the upcoming new printer model, they will be able to perfect their design. Hopefully, the ink will last longer, and it also becomes cheaper.

Good thing we only acquire it through a raffle. If I were the one who bought it and we had this experience, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. How about you do you have a new printer? Can you share something about your experience?

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