My First Purchase Experience at Abenson Appliance Store Philippines

This is my first time to buy appliances in one of the branches of Abenson appliance store in the Philippines.

I do not have any plan of buying any appliances, but unfortunately, our 7-year old Sharp Refrigerator has retired for making our drinking water ice-cold and keeping our food from spoilage.

I try to have it repaired by seeking the help of technicians near our place. However, after two attempts and thousands of pesos spent, our refrigerator is still not working as it used to be.

At that time, I already spent Php 2500 on parts and labor. So instead of having it repaired for the third time which according to the technician will cost me another Php 1200, I decided to buy a brand-new refrigerator from Abenson Appliance Store.

You can see the design and the inside of the refrigerator below. It is a one door fridge that has 6 racks on the main body and 5 compartments on the door. Though my Sharp refrigerator has served my family well for 7 years, I decided to try another brand, which is CONDURA Refrigerator.

I bought a 5.7 cubic ft. single door which cost around Php 11,995. It comes with a two-year warranty for parts and labor from the manufacturer.

What I like about Abenson is for an additional of Php 1598 only, they will extend the warranty for up to five years. If my understanding is correct, the store will shoulder the repair for the first three years.

The 5 years warranty covers genuine parts and labor. If worse comes to worst and if it meets the requirements, Abenson will replace my fridge with a new model of the same price.

I do not know if the same warranty is available to other appliances, but I think it’s really a good offer. Because of it, if ever I buy other appliances like TV, washing machine, and air-conditioning unit, my first store to visit will be the Abenson appliance store.

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