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I encounter a problem with my globe broadband DSL landline plan 1295 a few days ago. My globe broadband lost internet connection last Friday, August 6, 2011, at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

I thought it would only last for a few hours because based on my experience it normally happens with globe broadband. All I need is to restart the modem and wifi router and everything goes back into place after that.

After 6 hours of no internet connection, I decided to call their customer support at around 9 pm to report my concern. As expected their reply is “there is an ongoing system enhancement in my area” and they requested me to monitor the connection for 24hours.

For the whole Saturday, I do not have an internet connection. You know what, my globe broadband connection was back on Sunday at 8:30 pm.

Before I encounter the internet connection problem I normally have an average of 120 Kbps (Kilobytes per second) download speed and an average of 45 Kbps upload speed. I got curious if their excuse for having system enhancement is really true, so on Monday morning, I do some speed tests.

I use the Metro Manila server hosted by Skybroadband as my basis for testing. I do the test at various times, during peak hours which I think the net is congested, and off-peak hours during the time that there are few users.

Here’s my latest Globe broadband speed test:

"Globe Speedtest"

Globe Speedtest at 9:20am

"Globe Speedtest"

Speedtest at 1:30 pm

Globe broadband speed test in the evening:

"globe broadband"

test done at 7 pm

"Globe Speedtest"

test done at 10:14 pm

From the globe broadband speed test above, it seems there is really huge improvement from my internet connection. I honestly do not know if the increase in internet speed is caused by the “system enhancement.” Or I am just lucky that I got the high download and upload speed during my tests.

Anyway, if you are somehow undecided, you can make this as your reference if you want to subscribe to the Globe broadband plan.

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