My Latest Globe Broadband DSL Speed Test in Manila

In our house we had globe broadband DSL plan 1Mbps for Php990 per month before. Based on online speed test it has a download speed of 115Kbps and a less than 100Kbps upload speed average.

Unfortunately, it was cut down because I was not able to pay the bills for a number of months. One of the reasons is that I am currently not in the Philippines for several months now, and sometimes the statement of account from Globe would take forever to arrive like 1 to 2 months delayed. They send to my email the soft copy every month but, I still prefer to wait for the hard one to arrive to present during payment.

It’s basically my fault why the connection was cut (yay!!!). My sister had it reconnected but this time she transfers the subscription under her name and also decided to upgrade it to Plan 2Mbps for Php1299 per month.

Last November 2013, I went back to the Philippines to fix things for my son’s homeschooling (home study program) so I got the chance to do a speed test again for the new plan. It seems that globe broadband DSL has improved.

I got a very unbelievable 250kBps download and 100kBps upload on an average every time I run the test. See below my sample speed test and the time I test it.

Globe broadband speed test at 1 AM

Globe broadband speed test 1 PM

Globe broadband speed test 7 PM

Globe broadband speed test at 9 PM

Globe broadband speed test 11 PM

Based on the test, Globe is consistent with its internet speed, at least in Tondo Manila. Before at plan 1Mbps I cannot play the original dota on garena, now I can play DOTA without experiencing lag at any given time of the day.

There is a big improvement when comes to connection, however, I can’t still watch YouTube videos at 720p resolution but that’s OK. All in all, I can say that Globe is no longer the Globe I knew years ago.

Previously, Globe would give me headache starting from their customer service hotline (by letting me wait for more than 15 minutes on the phone), then with their repairmen (which would take weeks to visit my house to troubleshoot the connection problem), and lastly, their delayed monthly statement of account.

How about you? What can you say about Globe’s internet speed in your area? Is it still crappy or you finally decided to change ISP?

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