Ocean Adventure Subic Tour, a Wonderful Experience, Entrance Fee 2019

After going to Zoobic Safari on the same day, we went to Ocean Adventure to continue our tour. Ocean adventure is located at Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area in Subic bay freeport zone. Looking through google map Ocean Adventure was at the west of Zoobic Safari.

It is about 10 to 15 minutes ride from Zoobic. We were able to witness sea lion and dolphin for the first time performing their amazing moves. Actually by simply seeing those personally, were already amazing.
ocean adventure subic photoGoing to Ocean Adventure is not that easy because there is no public transportation except for Taxi that can pass through its vicinity. In our case we hired a Taxi that we utilized for the whole day trip and it cost us about P2900. One thing I noticed about their transportation fare was much higher than in Manila.

sea lion show in ocean adventureseal show in ocean adventurePresentation schedule was distributed to us upon entering the place. During that time we were able to attend the Sea Lion Marine Patrol. The whole presentation was about skills demonstration of the sea lion, and how to take good care of the ocean. The sea lion showed to the audience about the proper segregation of waste.

The host even mentioned about “Reduce, Re-use, and Re-cycle”, which I heard the first time on Bob the Builder. I didn’t know that seal and sea lion have difference in looks and movement until these clever sea animals demonstrates it to us.

The next presentation was Walk on the Wild. The presentation was basically about surviving on the wild. We were amazed when one of the Aeta demonstrates on how to create fire using only the jungle bolo and bamboo. Wow!!!

walk on the wild subic

The last presentation was the dolphin and false killer whale show. I did not believe when the host tell something about the ability of the dolphin to walk on the water but we saw it. My whole family were very happy with these once in a lifetime experience.
dolphin show in ocean adventure subicwhale show in subic

We took pictures of almost all the animals because we may never know when we got older those animals would be extinct for some reasons. We also do not know when will we go back to this wonderful marine theme park.

The Zoobic safari adventure consumed four hours so if you’ll combine it with Ocean Adventure activities which would last also for four hours, your whole day would be consumed.

Ocean Adventure Subic Entrance Fee 2019

  • Adult – P788
  • Child 12 years old and below – P628
  • Children below 30 inches – Free
  • Senior citizen – P628

Note: The entrance fee is inclusive of aquarium exhibits and featured show. There are other optional ocean adventure rates when you get inside the park.

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If you were able to visit the place, kindly share your experience by placing a comment.

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  • Mel Avila Alarilla June 26, 2010, 9:14 pm

    The Ocean Park is a truly wonderful theme park. Your taxi fare of 2,900. is really astronomical. You must have spent a lot in your visit to Ocean Park. Well anyway, in the manner of your description of your adventures there, you really enjoyed a lot and it was worth every peso you spent. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  • eljun June 15, 2011, 1:25 am

    I will go there this weekend!! Hope to enjoy.
    Just how much will the fares be from the terminal?

    And what is the nearest hotel from Ocean Adventure and Zoobic?


  • Marianne Diaz April 7, 2015, 4:33 am

    How much would i spend taxi fare from Olongapo bus terminal going Ocean Adventure?


    • Matt April 7, 2015, 9:45 am

      Hi Marianne, its been 5 years since we visited the place. I don’t know how much is the taxi fare now.

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