MyPhone Rio and Rio Lite Specs Comparison, Php1000 Price Difference

Having trouble choosing between the Myphone Rio and the recently introduced Rio Lite? I suggest that you check the specs comparison of the two quad-core phones in this post.

I decided to make a comparison when I read about their P1000 price difference. The bigger display Myphone Rio is only priced at Php 4999 while the Rio Lite is at Php 3999. myphone rio and rio lite priceBoth phones have some things in common. They are powered with a 1.3GHz quad-core processors. These phones have the same megapixel when it comes to the front-facing camera and version of android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

However, there is a big difference when comes to the rear camera. The Lite version only has a 5MP. There is also a big difference in RAM capacity. The original RIO has 1GB while the lite only has 512MB so the former has doubled memory than the latter.

The display size is quite negligible but if you probably placed both phones side by side you can see the big difference. The three mentioned specifications are all in favor of the original Myphone Rio.

After seeing the difference, I should say I have to think twice about choosing Rio Lite over its bigger counterpart. Perhaps, I should wait for a few more days until the next payday so I can get the higher specs Rio.

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