Here’s How to Renew National Certificate (NC) in TESDA

National Certificate renewal in TESDA refers to the process of extending the validity of the current National Certificate.

National Certificate, abbreviated as NC in TESDA, is a Certification obtained by Graduates of TESDA Courses upon passing the assessment examination conducted by TESDA-accredited Competency Assessors. It certifies the Bearer can demonstrate competency in all subjects relevant to specific TVET Course taken in TESDA.

National Certificate is valid for 5 years. The bearer must extend its validity before the expiration date. Failing to extend the validity of the National Certificate means the Bearer is no longer qualified to practice the Competency stated on the Certificate.
how to renew national certificate tesdaTo renew the National Certificate in TESDA, go to the assessment center that issues the National Certificate, then apply for renewal, submit the requirements, pay the renewal fees, and claim the renewed National Certificate. Below is the 3-step process.

Step 1: Proceed to the Issuing Assessment Center

Proceed to the assessment center issuing your current National Certificate or Certificate of Competency, then apply for renewal.

Step 2: Submit the Requirements

Requirements that you must submit to the assessment center include a filled-out application Form, original National Certificate (NC) or original Certificate of Competency (COC), 3 passport-sized colored ID pictures with a white background, and a Certificate of Employment or teaching experience.

Requirements refer to the list of documents for submission to the TESDA Assessment Center during the National Certificate renewal process.

Step 3: Pay the Renewal Fee

Proceed to the assessment center’s cashier to pay the renewal fee and get your official receipt.

Step 4: Claim your New National Certificate

Go to the respective TESDA issuing office to claim your certificate personally. You need to bring the official receipt and valid IDs for verification.

If an authorized representative will claim the NC2 certificate on your behalf, your representative must submit a special power of attorney that you provide.

How to Find the Nearest TESDA Assessment Center?

To Find the Nearest TESDA Assessment Center, visit the official website of TESDA at, go to the “For Institutions and Assessment Centers” link, then tap the “Accredited Assessment Centers” link. On the online Form select your Qualification, and use the dropdown menu to select your Region and Province. Afterward, browse the list of Assessment Centers in the choices, and visit the one nearest based on your home address.


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