Need an expert advice from Chemical M&A Advisory Firm?

Do you own a company that belongs to chemical industry and somehow planning to merge or acquire other company which nature of business is also into manufacturing and distribution of chemicals? Before proceeding to such critical decision, which will affect the entire operation of the company in the long run. I do suggest consulting first the experts from the chemical m&a advisory firm. The firm I am talking about is The Valence Group which as far as I understand got their name from the word Valence found in the Chemistry dictionary. From the definition it is clear that The Valence Group focused on determining capacity of specific chemical industry that consider union, merger, or acquisition of another chemical firm and give the most economical advice that would beneficial to parties concerned.

Why seek the help of the people behind The Valence Group:
1. They are the centre of excellence in the field of M&A advisory services focusing on chemicals and other related sectors.
2. They have firsthand experience on economic, contractual, liability and transactional issues related to chemical industry sectors which their clients can directly benefit from it.
3. Their members have worked as a team for more than 10 years, composed of senior investment banking and industry specialists.
4. They are independent organization, which is free of potential conflicts of interests compared to ‘multi-product’ bank.
5. Unlike other investment banking counterparts, they are free from political and geographic barriers.
6. Their members have advised more than 200 chemical industry related to M&A transactions with excess of $80 Billion in combined value.

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