New Zealand has 5000 Job Openings, Salary around 100K Pesos, No Placement Fee

According to POEA, New Zealand is currently in need of 5000 plus skilled workers and laborers that has work experience related to construction, and farming in 2017.

Salary range from NZD 2,400 (Php 89000) to NZD 3,520 (Php 131,000) depending on the worker’s field of specialization. There is no placement fee.

The 5000 job openings for New Zealand comprises of carpenter, mason, farm workers, drivers, scaffolders and a lot more. POEA announced that these skilled workers will be utilized to rehabilitate the part of New Zealand that was hit by an earthquake in 2011 (6 years ago).

List of In Demand Jobs in New Zealand as of September 2017 (source: POEA)

  • Name of Position – Number of Vacancies
  • Carpenter – 1,928
  • Mason – 499
  • Farm Worker – 427
  • Fitter Type / Tech – 397
  • Scaffolder – 361
  • Driver – 329
  • Pipefitter / Worker – 309
  • Machine Operator – 226
  • Painter – 201
  • Laborer – 167
  • Auto Tech – 100
  • Total Available Jobs – 4944

Image credits to ABS-CBN News Youtube channel

Carpenters can earn a monthly salary of NZD 2400 or Php 89,000. Mason, laborers, machine operator, driver can earn monthly salary of NZD 3520 or Php131,000.

In the Philippines, Manpower agencies hiring for New Zealand consider applicants that have local and overseas work experience. There is an advantage if the applicant has at least 3 years work experience overseas because they have knowledge or expertise in operating modernized equipment.

Watch the Video below from ABS CBN News Youtube Channel:

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How to find Manpower Agencies hiring for New Zealand using POEA website Steps (with Pictures)
According to Philippine Association of Service Exporters Incorporated (PASEI), they call all the previous employers of respective applicants’ due to strict requirements in work experience. PASEI also told that the whole hiring process will take 3 months to complete.

Aside from a very appealing monthly salary, there is also no placement fee for newly hired workers. After working in New Zealand for one year, skilled workers can also lodge an application to NZ immigration so they can bring with them their family.

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