New Zealand Job Openings for Filipinos, No Placement Fee Country, and Manpower Agency List

Are you planning to apply for a job in New Zealand but do not know which accredited recruitment agencies to visit in the Philippines? Apparently, POEA has thousands of approved job orders with no placement fee in New Zealand for Filipinos seeking work in the said country.

New Zealand has jobs available for skilled workers that have work experience as Steelfixer, glaziers, welder, asphalter, assistant dairy farmer, carpenter, chef, electrician, Civil Engineer, and other fields of specializations.

Qualified applicants just need to know which specific manpower agencies in the Philippines to send their well-crafted resumes to. According to the New Zealand immigration official website, they have long-term and immediate skilled worker shortage in the following sectors: Agriculture and forestry, construction, education, engineering, finance / business, health and social services, recreation, hospitality and tourism, science, trades, and transport.

They have immediate shortages in Oil and gas. Meanwhile, in Canterbury region where Christchurch City is located, has workers shortage particularly on construction, engineering, telecommunications, and trades.

new zealand job openings for filipinos

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New Zealand and the Philippines have no government-to-government agreement when comes to hiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). In this regard, current POEA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac has listed down New Zealand POEA accredited agencies that have job orders from employers in NZ.

For safety reasons, and you know what I mean, OFWs who want to work there should only apply to the listed agencies. Filipinos who aspire to work in New Zealand can also check the official POEA website occasionally to know the latest NZ job orders posted in the said government website.

New Zealand Job Openings for Filipinos in 2023

Just to jump-start your search, I have some of the newly listed job openings from accredited agencies in POEA website. You can find here the agency names, job vacancies, date approved, and job order balance. JO balance just explains the number of vacancies that respective agencies currently need.

Agency Name: 1st Dynamic Personnel Resources Inc.
Office Address: 3F, JLC Building, No. 8 N. Ramirez Street Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 416 18 48
Email Address:
License Validity: April 8, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter – 25
Carpenter Building – 49
Carpenter / Builder – 41
Driver Operator – 15
Driver Spray – 5
Foreman Concrete – 1
Foreman Construction – 2
Operator Excavator – 28
Operator Grader – 2
Operator Heavy Equipment – 7
Operator Paver – 7
Operator Skid Steer – 2
Operator Skilled – 7
Painter / Blaster – 15
Placer Concrete – 33
Roofer – 3
Ultra High Pressure Blaster – 30
Worker Aspalt – 15
Butcher / Slaughterer – 218
Drainlayer – 10
Electrical Trade Assistant – 46
Electrician – 30
Fabricator Welding – 18
Steelfixer – 9

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Agency Name: 21st Century Manpower Resources Inc. (for Nursing Int’l)
Office Address: RMS 401, 405, 406, and 407, JR Building, 1520 Quezon Avenue Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 4121311 / 4144399 / 4101234
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Scaffolder – 58
Caregiver – 22
Nurse Registered – 17
Worker Asphalt – 20
Carpenter – 74
Technician HVAC – 8
Technician HVAC Maintenance – 8
Operator Crane – 10
Plasterer – 10
Steelfixer – 20
Machinist – 8
Worker Metal Casting Trades – 15
Driver Truck – 20
Installer Flooring – 3
Plumber Assistant – 60
Driver Operator – 20
Automated Production Operators – 20
Fabricator – 20
Welder Fabricator – 19
Machine Operator – 12
Driver – 10
Mechanical Engineer – 89
Signal Technician – 10
Traction Line Mechanic – 5

Agency Name: A.S.H. Manpower International Services Inc
Office Address: Unit 112 Balagtas Villas, Balagtas St. Pasay City
Telephone Numbers: 847-88766 / 09951805682
Email Address:
License Validity: October 1, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Kitchen Hand – 2
Foreman Painter – 1
Housekeeper – 4
Carpenter – 3
Roofer – 2

Agency Name: Admiral Overseas Employment Corporation
Office Address: Door Nos 201, 202, 204, and 206, G.K. Chua Building Sinciangko Street, Cebu
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:
License Validity: April 6, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Scaffolder – 12
Yardman – 4
Cook – 9

Agency Name: Al Axa Int’l Manpower Services Inc
Office Address: RMS 504, 505, and 506 5/F Jalandoni Building 1444 A Mabini Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 82427173 / 09659588579
Email Address:
License Validity: February 28, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Administrative Assistant – 3
Barber-Hairdresser – 5
Beater Panel – 5
Driver – 1
Driver Truck – 5
Engineer Fabrication – 1
Engineer Maintenance – 1
Fitter Tyre – 22
Industrial Spray Painter – 6
Installer Window Film – 1
Machinist Timber – 25
Mechanic Auto – 5
Mechanic Automotive – 5
Moulder (Foundry) – 2
Operator Earth Moving Plant – 1
Operator Forklift – 13
Operator KILN – 21
Operator Machine – 5
Operator Sawmill – 3
Painter – 19
Painter Vehicle – 4
Steelfixer – 25
Technician Automotive – 60
Worker Timber Processing – 11
Welder Fabricator – 5
Welder Fitter – 8

Agency Name: Ankor Management Services and Consultants Inc (for Al-Khatri International
Office Address: RMS 502 and 503, State Financing Center II, Ortigas Avenue Mandaluyong
Telephone Numbers: 8706-7933 / 8706-7854 / 0917-8281309
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter – 130
Engineer – 30
Hand Hammer – 11
Operator Tower Crane – 20
Assembler Mechanical – 20
Fabricator Metal – 19
Mason – 10
Plumber Assistant – 20
Professional Information Technology (IT) – 50
Roofer – 10
Scaffolder – 10
Painter – 11
Concreter – 20
Joiner Aluminum – 30
Machinist – 20

Agency Name: Asia Reach International Management & Contractor Services Inc
Office Address: Suite 18-A, 18F Ramon Magsaysay Center 1680 Roxas Boulevard Manila
Telephone Numbers: 3100881 LOCAL 116 / 09457524456
Email Address: /
License Validity: August 25, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter – 25
Driver Operator – 22
Driver Spray – 5
Farmer Assistant – 3
Foreman Concrete – 2
Foreman Construction – 2
Manager Herd – 36
Operator Excavator – 30
Operator Grader – 1
Operator Paver – 7
Operator Skid Steer – 2
Painter Blaster – 15
Paving Foreperson – 2
Placer Concrete – 35
Ultra High Pressure Blaster – 30
Worker Asphalt – 15
Assistant Dairy Farm – 38
Bricklayer – 5
Butcher – 20
Carpenter Joiner – 5
Farmer Dairy – 68
Farmers – 65
Plumber – 5
Welders – 5
Worker Fish Processing – 13
Roofers – 5

Agency Name: Benchstone Enterprises Inc
Office Address: 2nd Floor, 2687 Arellano Avenue Manila
Telephone Numbers: 2556353 / 2410362
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Chef De Partie – 1
Chef Assistant – 3
Cook Pastry – 7
Worker Cafe – 3

Agency Name: Bison Management Corporation
Office Address: 2F and 3F (Left Wing) BMH Centre Building, 3963 Yague Street Makati
Telephone Numbers: 896-4667 / 0917-555-2515
Email Address: /
Website: / Facebook:
License Validity: December 19, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Cook Fastfood – 6
Operator Machine – 14

Agency Name: BMS Group International Manpower Recruitment Services Corp
Office Address: 4F and G/F B Lifestyle Building 1928 Leon Guinto Street Manila
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:
License Validity: February 27, 2025 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Lineman Transmission – 5
Painter Industrial – 3
Painter Tower – 19
Tower Structure Maintainer – 13

Agency Name: Caves Treasures Manpower & Construction Corporation
Office Address: 4/F, Philcox Building, 172 Salcedo Street Makati
Telephone Numbers: 0908-8870581
Email Address:
License Validity: August 9, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Butcher – 119
Carpenter Joiner – 149
Electrical Trade Assistant – 66
Electrician – 75
Fabricator / Installer – 49
Installer – 50
Maintenance Fitter – 49
Pipefitter Maintenance – 50
Plumber Assistant – 47
Recruitment Consultant – 3
Technician Elevator – 25
Welder / Fabricator – 50
Drainlayer – 50
Electrician – 50
Fabricator Metal – 50
Maker Cabinet – 50
Mason Stone – 50
Operator Heavy Machine – 50
Operator Machine – 50
Painter – 24
Scaffolder – 50
Steelfixer – 50
Tiler – 50
Welder – 50
Analyst System – 40
Assistant Electrical – 34
Boiler Maker – 10
Bricklayer – 5
Drainlayer – 25
Draftsperson Mechanical Engineering – 10
Driver Truck – 40
Glaziers – 23
Engineer Aircraft Maintenance – 5
Mechanic Diesel – 5
Operator Crane – 20
Technician Fire Alarm – 20

Agency Name: CDK International Manpower Services Corp. For: CKD Manpower Services
Office Address: S2, 3, & 13A (GF) Midland Plaza Adriatico St Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5368350 / 5238665
Email Address:
Website: / Facebook:
License Validity: January 23, 2027 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter – 47
Concrete Worker – 20
Hand Hammer – 49
Joiner Aluminum – 30
Operator Machine – 20

Agency Name: Century Promotions & Manpower Services, Inc.
Office Address: 31 Antoinette St, Parkway Vill, Bgy A. Samson, SFDM Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 5135439/ Mobile: 0998-4688097
Email Address:
License Validity: February 22, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Class 5 Driver – 6

Agency Name: Chesna Manpower Services Corp (Formerly Chesna Manpower Services)
Office Address: GF 1921-1923 F Agoncillo Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 3532051 / 3532454 / Mobile: 0947-4971609 / 09479488814
Email Address:
License Validity: November 26, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Scaffolder – 160
Tiler Wall and Floor – 18
Carpenter – 200
Steelfixer – 200
Installer Duct – 29
Pipe Fitter – 40
Welder – 40
Butcher – 47
Worker Food Processor – 48
Regenerator Bush – 13
Technician Silviculture – 30
Hand Hammer – 47
Kitchen Hand – 5
Installer Gypsum Board – 10
Painter – 11
Management Department – 13
Designer User Experience – 30
Developer Software – 30
Driver – 47
Electrical Trade Assistant – 50
Engineer IT – 30
Engineer Network – 30
Gib Installer – 20
Mechanic Heavy Duty – 20
Operator Crane – 49
Straddle Operator – 20
Telecommunications Rigger / Technician – 44

Agency Name: CPL Masters Recruitment Agency Inc
Office Address: Unit 304, 3/F, Aussie Tower, 1418 M. H. Del Pilar Street, Manila
Telephone Numbers: 8714-7088 / +63-919-090-0108
Email Address:
License Validity: June 23, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Mechanic Diesel – 5
Cook Asian – 12
Manager Restaurant – 10

Agency Name: Diamond Overseas Manpower Enterprises (For: Diamonds Intl Manp SVCS)
Office Address: 2F #2 Kamuning Rd Corner Tomas Morato Avenue Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 4251017 (TELEFAX)
Email Address:
Website: / Facebook:
License Validity: July 10, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Installer Water Proofing – 8
Manager Project Service – 5
Technician Refrigerator and Airconditioning – 5
Tradesman – 5
Welder / Fabricator – 25

Agency Name: EJM Global Manpower Corporation
Office Address: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Floors, EJM Building, 243 M. Suarez Avenue Brgy. San Miguel Pasig City
Telephone Numbers: (+63) 02-84004420 / (+63) 02-85687770
Email Address: / /
License Validity: May 22, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Beater Panel – 9
Painter Auto – 6
Carpenter – 5
Worker Painting Trades – 5

Agency Name: Excel Green Kard Intl Inc
Office Address: G/F and 2/F 620 Remedios cor Ma Orosa Sts Manila Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5245232 / 4003960
Email Address:
License Validity: August 2, 2025 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter / Roofer – 10
Fabricator – 9
Operator CNC Machine – 5

Agency Name: FAASI International Corporation
Office Address: Units 1 & 2, 2F, Abalos Bldg, ID – 39, Betag Benguet
Telephone Numbers: 0910-318-1709
Email Address:
Website:, Facebook:
License Validity: May 14, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Beekeeper Assistant – 17
Painter – 3
Beekeeper – 42

Agency Name: FMW Human Resources International Corp. (for: FMW Human Resource Intl.)
Office Address: Rooms 403 and 404, Dona Felisa Syjuco Bldg, Remedios St. corner Taft Avenue Manila
Telephone Numbers: 09069375738 / 280-9471
Email Address: /
License Validity: March 23, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Care Health Assistant – 10
Dairy Goat Farm – 9
Engineering Labourer – 8
Fitter Diesel+Mechanic – 8
Goat Farm Assistant – 9
Laborer Skilled – 10
Log Truck Operator – 15
Manager Herd – 85
Mechanic Diesel – 8
Operator Agricultural Machinery – 111
Vineyard Worker – 10

Agency Name: Global Success Overseas Employment Services
Office Address: Unit M7 Mezzanine Floor, Victoria De Manila, Taft Avenue Manila
Telephone Numbers: 8354-0211
Email Address:
Website:, Facebook:
License Validity: July 28, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Engineer Field Service – 2
Maker Cabinet – 3

Agency Name: Grand Placement & General Services Corp.
Office Address: 2F 1636 F Agoncillo St. Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5251031 / 5267992
Email Address:
License Validity: June 24, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter – 173
Concreter – 30
Electrical Trade Assistant – 92
Fabricator Metal – 30
Glaziers – 20
Mechanic / Installer Heating and Airconditioning – 30
Operator – 50
Operator Asphalt – 50
Operator Roller – 50
Processor Glass – 19
Scaffolder – 10
Steelfixer – 96
Waterproofer – 19
Welder – 80

Agency Name: PNI International Corporation
Office Address: Units 203, 207, & 210 (2/F) Strata 2000 Building, Don F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City
Telephone Numbers: 8-292-8521
Email Address: /
Websites:, Facebook:
License Validity: December 6, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Manager Customer Service – 2
Therapist Massage – 4
Carpenter Joiner – 75
Electrical Trade Assistant – 64
Installer – 50
Maintenance Fitter – 50
Welder/Fabricator – 50

Agency Name: YWA Human Resource Corporation (Formerly Yangwha Human Resource Corporation
Office Address: 1268 Gen. Luna St., Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5242181 / 5242185 / 5242188 / 5253407
Email Address: /
Website:, Facebook:
License Validity: November 11, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Scaffolder – 43
Drainlayer – 25
Unblocker Drain – 25
Worker Drainage – 25
Coater Roof – 10
Labourer Roofing – 9
Roofer – 10
Worker Electrical – 6
Driver Truck – 3
Electrician Auto – 19
Operator Asphalt Plant – 20
Operator Machine – 20
Driver – 147
Operator Bus – 69
Concrete Worker – 27
Carpenter – 31
Operator Crane – 29
Plasterer – 7


Please Check My Reference photos below (tignan po ninyo ang reference ko):

new zealand jobs for filipinos 2023 3new zealand work opportunities for filipinos 2023 2

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Note: There are other accredited manpower agencies on the DMW/POEA website that also have job vacancies for OFWs. I just placed here those who have more than 100 job vacancies. Please check the POEA website for complete details. Visit the agencies for qualifications and requirements.

What are the in-Demand Jobs in New Zealand for Filipinos

Upon browsing the POEA/DMW website (, the jobs that have high demand in New Zealand are related to industries such as Construction, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Farming. The lists of in-demand jobs with 50 or more approved job orders on the DMW website are the following:

  • Carpenter
  • Operator Excavator
  • Driver Operator / Driver Truck / Driver
  • Painter / Blaster
  • Butcher / Slaughterer / Meat Boner and Slicer
  • Worker Asphalt
  • Electrician
  • Welder / Fabricator
  • Nurse Registered / Nurse
  • Caregiver
  • Steel Fixer
  • Assistant Dairy Farm / Farm Worker

What are the Best Farm Jobs in New Zealand for Filipinos

  • Farmer Assistant
  • Manager Herd
  • Assistant Dairy Farm
  • Farmer Dairy
  • Farmers
  • Beekeeper Assistant
  • Beekeeper
  • Operator Agricultural Machinery
  • Technician Milk
  • Dairy Goat Farm Assistant
  • Vineyard Worker

How to Find the DMW/POEA Manpower Agencies Hiring for New Zealand

Aspiring overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) can find the list of legitimate manpower agencies that have available job orders for New Zealand in 2023 through the official website of POEA/DMW (

This part will serve as your walk-through, a step-by-step guide so you can browse DMW/POEA website efficiently and get the details that you need. These include the list of accredited manpower agencies that are currently hiring Filipino skilled workers for their New Zealand-based clients.

The POEA website will basically show you the country destination of soon-to-be hired skilled workers, job openings (positions available), name of hiring manpower agency, date the job order was approved by POEA, and JO (job order) balance or number of vacancies needed of respective manpower agencies.

This post will also provide a step-by-step guide on how you can determine the address, contact details, email address, contact person, and license validity duration of the specific manpower agency you want to send your job applications.

Step 1: Go to website and Visit the Approved Job Orders located in the Navigation bar

It will redirect you to the “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies page.
how to find the manpower agencies hiring for new zealand step 1 v2

Step 2: Select Job Site in the Dropdown Menu then input New Zealand

Under Approved Job Orders as of “current date”, on the left side tap the dropdown menu to see the list of choices. Among them, select “Job Site.” In the given space next to the latter, type “New Zealand.” Afterward hit the “Search” button.

approved job orders of recruitment agencies for new zealand step 2

Step 3: View the Recruitment Agency with Job Orders in New Zealand

After selecting the necessary option and typing in the required information. The DMW website will show you the list of agencies with job orders in New Zealand.

What you need to do is choose the agency with job openings related to your work experience. For example, if you have work experience as a “Carpenter” then select the recruitment agencies that are currently hiring for Carpenters.

select the manpower agency with job openings related to your work experience in new zealand

Since you already have the names of the hiring manpower agencies. The next thing you need to know is their respective office address, contact details, email addresses, contact persons, license status, and license validity duration.

The recruitment agency is said to be legal / accredited by DMW/POEA. If it has a ‘Valid License’ status and is operating within its license validity duration.

How to Verify the License Status of a Manpower Agency for New Zealand

There are numerous land-based manpower agencies in the Philippines that are currently hiring Filipino workers bound for New Zealand. To determine if a certain recruitment agency is legal, applicants should check/verify their license status through the official website of POEA/DMW (

Step 1: Go to the official website of DMW/POEA then proceed to “Licensed Recruitment Agencies.”

The official website of the Department of Migrant Workers ( POEA / DMW) is On the homepage, go to “Licensed Recruitment Agencies” located at the blue navigation bar.
how to verify the license status of a manpower agency for new zealand in dmw website

Step 2: Input the name of the manpower agency in the given space

Type the name of the manpower agency in the space provided. The website will automatically show you the list of agencies with the name that you have typed. Select the agency with which you want to know the information.

type the name of the agency in the given space

Step 3: View the Details and License Status of the Manpower agency

Take note of the manpower agency’s details particularly the validity of the license and license expiration date. Check the details format below based on the official website of DMW.

poea dmw license status of recruitment agency for new zealand

Agency: Name of Manpower Agency Landbased Agency
Address: Office Address
Status Date:
Representative: Name of Representative
Contact No.: Telephone numbers
Email Address: valid email address
Data as of:

There you go guys, now know how to find job openings bound for New Zealand, the name of the hiring manpower agency, and check the latter’s complete details, license status, and validity.

For other ways to check the license status of a recruitment agency, you may check the details below:

After you check the license status, applicants should only apply directly to the manpower agency with a valid license. Mag apply po kayo ng direkta sa manpower agency na may valid license.

New Zealand is a No Placement Fee Country

Based on POEA Memorandum Circular 09-2014 dubbed as Placement Fee Policy for New Zealand (, manpower Agencies should not collect recruitment and placement fees from OFWs bound for NZ.

new zealand jobs no placement fee filipinos


Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) also shared a news release on their official Facebook page informing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and job seekers that New Zealand is a No Placement Fee Country.

Apart from that, POEA also listed other countries that prohibit the collection of placement fees. Please find the details below.

jobs in new zealand for filipinos no placement fee policy

In the news advisory released on December 19, 2014. Hans Leo J. Cacdac, the POEA administrator has warned recruitment agencies regarding charging placement fees from job applicants for the said country.

He added that poea licensed recruitment agencies are not allowed to charge recruitment or placement fees from OFWs who will work in countries that do not permit it.
Hans Leo Cacdac told that those recruitment agencies that will be found charging fees on no placement fee countries will have to face penalties such as cancellation of license, even those first-time offenders.

The POEA administrator advised the job applicants to report on their official Facebook page those agencies who will collect placement fees. The official FB page of POEA is (in case you guys do not know).

no placement fee for new zealand jobssource and source 2

New Zealand Wages Protection Act 1983

According to, the New Zealand Wages Protection Act 1983 does not allow employers or recruitment agents to receive premiums like costs of employment or placement fees from newly hired workers. NZ Law however allows other fees such as immigration and visa fees, licensed immigration advisers fees, which will be shouldered by the workers.

Why Filipinos should get a Job in New Zealand

First of all, New Zealand has 4 seasons: Summer which happens during the months of December to February, Autumn between March to May, Winter from June to August, and Spring in the months of September to November. Meanwhile, the Philippines only has 2 seasons. So, if you are a Skilled Filipino worker who wants to experience 4 seasons then you should work in New Zealand.

Second, as of 2018, there are already roughly 80000 Filipinos residing in New Zealand. According to the data of, 40 percent, or 32000 of them live in Auckland. This means that you will never get homesick if you will get a job in Auckland.

Third, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) after 2 years of working in New Zealand based on The possibility of bringing your family from the Philippines to join with you in NZ is high. There is also an option to sponsor your Filipino parents to stay with you permanently or for a longer period than the usual visa.

The fourth reason is New Zealanders have a high standard of living. The country is ranked 9th in terms of happiness among the 146 nations ranked according to the 2021 data from Filipino-New Zealanders “KiwiNoys” is surely one of the happy people in the world.

FAQs about Working in New Zealand for Filipinos

How far is New Zealand from the Philippines?

Auckland, New Zealand is 8086 KMs away from Manila, Philippines. According to the Philippine Airlines website, from Manila, it would take between 12 hours 40 minutes to 20 hours 30 minutes to get to Auckland by plane. The return ticket cost ranges from 91921.64 pesos to 113909.54 pesos or 1655.5 USD to 2051.5 USD per person.

How much is the minimum salary per hour in New Zealand in Philippine Peso

As of April 2022, the minimum hourly rate is 21.20 NZD, or equivalent to 735.12 pesos. This is applicable if the exchange rate is 1 NZD to 34.68 pesos.

How many Filipinos are working in New Zealand

There are about 80000 Filipinos living and working in NZ according to the data of New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade ( In 2018, according to there are roughly 72612 Filipinos in New Zealand of which the median age is 32.5 years. A huge chunk of Filipinos is living and working in Auckland.

What do you call Filipinos who are living and working in NZ

Filipinos are called KiwiNoys which stands for “Kiwi” and “Pinoy.” New Zealanders commonly call themselves “Kiwi,” while Filipinos call themselves “Pinoy.”Hence the term KiwiNoys.

What day of the month do you receive your salary in New Zealand

There is no specific day, but commonly workers are paid every fortnight or every two weeks.

What is the time difference between New Zealand and the Philippines?

Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, New Zealand are 5 hours ahead of the Philippines.

Note: This is only a blog and is not in any way related to POEA or to the manpower agencies. Ang blog na ay hindi po manpower agency, at hindi po konektado sa kahit anong manpower agency. Huwag po kayo mag apply dito. For your own safety please inquire directly from the listed agencies their address, phone numbers, and website are already included in the post.

Watch how to find jobs abroad for Filipinos in any country:

You can visit the official website of DMW/POEA  so you can verify the status of each manpower agency that has job orders bound for New Zealand listed in this post. Don’t place in the comments your complete name, mobile phone number, and email address.

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  • Joji Fernandez

    Physically fit,hard working and good communicate to other people and responsible my duty.

  • Venus

    Hardworking, Physically fit, Responsible special on work & Good communicate in my co workers.
    Thank you.

  • Joyce M.Manondo

    im physically fit and hardworking. i have expirienced as a cleaner in Saudi Riyadh.

  • Christian lee R Reyes

    Hard working responsible. I have experience in housekeeping and welder

  • Romeo Vasquez

    Almost 20yrs experience in different kind of survey work especially vertical and horizontal.
    Buildings, Infrastructure and Power plant experience that i had…

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