What is Ningas Kugon, Meaning, Explanation, and Examples

Ningas kugon is a Tagalog phrase whose possible English translation is “ignite like a cogon grass.” The word “Ningas” means “ignite” or “set into the fire” in English, while the word “kugon” is the Tagalog word that refers to Cogon grass.

The phrase “Ningas kugon” is a widely used slogan/sawikain in the Philippines that describes the behavior of some Filipinos where they show great excitement and interest in accomplishing sets of goals but didn’t have the willpower to finish them until fruition. This characteristic is similar to a Cogon grass that catches fire easily but its flame also dies down quickly.

Where does the Phrase Ningas Kugon come from?

For better visualization, here is a video of a Cogon grass that was set on fire. In the clip, observe how it ignites quickly but also take note of how the flame dies down fast, hence the term.

Now, observe how long it would take to set a piece of wood into flames. When the wood is burning, check how much time would it takes before the flame died down.

What are examples (halimbawa) of a Ningas Kugon behavior?

The first example is when people set a “New Year’s Resolution” such as exercising daily in the gym or maintaining a healthy diet.

In the first few days of the New Year, some people exercises or eats healthy foods. After some time, the enthusiasm of these people diminishes and you will no longer find him/her in the gym, and starts eating junk foods again.

The second example is starting an “Ipon Challenge” where individuals promise to themselves to put a portion of their salary into their savings. However, they do not persevere to save a certain amount of their salary to fulfill the Challenge. We can say that these individuals have that negative trait.

The third example is a student who promises that they will review the lessons their teacher taught them on daily basis. Initially, they are enthusiastic to do so, but after a few days, they failed to keep their commitment.


How to use the Phrase “Ningas Kugon” in a Sentence (Tagalog Examples)

We normally use the term to describe a negative behavior of a person. Often it is related to being not consistent of a good deed or action. Here are the examples:

1. Ang taong masipag lamang sa simula ay may ugaling ningas kugon.
2. Sana ay hindi ningas kugon ang mga nangyayaring magagandang pagbabago sa ating paaralan.
3. Sana ang boss natin sa trabaho ay tuparin ang kanyang mga pinangako at hind maging ningas kugon lang.
4. Hindi mo na tinuloy ang iyong pag-ehersisyo dahil sa ugali mong ningas kugon.
5. Ayokong sumunod sa lider na ningas kugon dahil siguradong wala kaming matatapos na gawain.
6. Pipilitin kong mag aral araw araw para hindi ako maging ningas kugon.

How to Avoid the Ningas Kugon Behavior

The fastest way to avoid the said behavior is to develop a habit of fulfilling your promises and goals to yourself and your commitment to other people.

You can do this by setting an easy goal such as reading for 15 minutes a day. Afterward, have the willpower and courage to fulfill it every day until it becomes a habit. To the point where your day will not be complete without reading for 15 minutes.

Once you can do the latter without effort. Set a more difficult goal like exercising for 20 minutes daily then again have the willpower and courage to fulfill them. Until it becomes part of you.

Doing this suggestion repeatedly will help you avoid the said negative behavior. And if you already got the Ningas Kugon trait, doing the suggestion will also help you eliminate it.

Can Ningas Kugon become a bad behavior of Job Seekers?

Yes, Ningas Kugon can become a bad behavior of job seekers. Having a Ningas Kugon behavior can cause job seekers to initially get excited about applying for a job abroad and locally, but they easily get exhausted when they experience rejections and setbacks.

*There you have it guys. I hope this helps!

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