Ninoy Cory Phones From Myphone

On the first release of this collector’s edition myphone ninoy cory phone there was only one model. Recently I saw an advertisement from newspaper that there was an additional two (2) models for this limited edition myphone.

Below are the Phone models:

Q21 Duo

See features / specifications


myphone 2

Price: P4990

Recently added Phone Models:

MS28 Duo

See Full Feature and Specifications here.


Price: P3990

B21 Duo

See Full Feature and Specifications here.


Price: P2990


When you buy these phones it comes with free 2GB micro SD with iamninoy/iamcory contents:

  • Ninoy’s Letters and Poems
  • Cory’s Personal Prayers
  • Ninoy and Cory’s Memorable Speeches and Inspirational Messages
  • Cory’s Paintings
  • Ninoy and Cory’s Paintings
  • Audio Biographies
  • Pray-along Audio Rosary, Novena, Religious Songs, Prayers
  • Other 700 files with Free 281 Audio contents and 468 Free E-Book files.

* Pictures belong to myphone

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  • mae

    i have the ms28 duo ninoy-cory classmates and friends say that its cute becoz its very small.. i <3 my phone! xD

    • matt

      How about its performance as a gadget. Does it serve its purpose? :-)

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