Nokia Phones Price List Philippines (Updated)

Here’s the updated Nokia Phones Price List in the Philippines which you might want to consider first before buying your prospected Nokia phones.

You might notice that the Nokia phone’s price depicted in this post is much lower as compared to malls but don’t be surprised since based on experience online stores really offer prices lower than malls.

The probable reason is it doesn’t have other miscellaneous and overhead costs that mall stores shoulder. This should only serve as your guide and please expect that price may vary from time to time.

Pricelist of Nokia Phones in the Philippines

Nokia 105 – 990 pesos

Nokia 105 4G FM Radio – 1990 pesos

Nokia 105 4G Basic Phone – 1990 pesos

Nokia 106 – 1090 pesos

Nokia 150 (2020) – 1940 pesos

Nokia 110 Basic Phone – 1440 pesos

Nokia 110 4G FM Radio HD – 2190 pesos

Nokia 210 Basic Phone – 2040 pesos

Nokia 215 4G – 2240 pesos

Nokia 225 4G Basic Phone – 2690 pesos

Nokia 8210 4G Dual SIM – 3390 pesos

Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio – 4190 pesos

Nokia 2660 – 3490 pesos

Nokia T20 – 10990 pesos

Nokia T20 – 12990 pesos

Nokia C12 4G LTE – 4290 pesos

Nokia C21 – 4990 pesos

Nokia C30 – 6690 pesos

Nokia G50 – 13990 pesos

Nokia 6310 – 2990 pesos

Nokia G21 – 9990 pesos

Nokia C2 2E – 2859 pesos

Nokia 2660 Flip – 3490 pesos

Nokia 6310 – 2990 pesos

A little information about the company – Nokia

It is a Finnish corporation established in Finland on May 12, 1965. The name “Nokia” was taken from the name of the town which is “Nokia” as well as the name of the river which is “Nokianvirta.” Nokianvirta is located 157 KM North-west of Helsinki. Beside the river is where the first factory of the company resides. At that time, the company was in a paper mill operation.

It was only in 1979 that Nokia with Salora ventured to develop a mobile phone. Later on, Nokia acquires the company Salora. Fast-forward to 1987, Nokia released the first handheld cellphone under the name of “Mobira Cityman 900. In 1992, Nokia had its first mass-produced cellphone under the model Nokia 1011. You can find more about the history of Nokia on Wikipedia.

* Nokia Phones price from online stores (Lazada, Shopee) based in the Philippines

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