Nonito Donaire in Funny McDonalds TV Commercial

The Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire is in the latest Mcdonald TV commercial in the Philippines. The first time I saw the commercial on TV, I was bursting with laughter hahaha. I did not expect to see the boxing champion be featured in fast-food giant’s TV commercial.

The 33-second Mcdonald TVC took place in what seems to be a combination of boxing and weightlifting gym. The scenario is there is unattended large-sized french fries left on the bench. A man who is presumably a gym user got attracted and tries to eat one strand of the fries.

Unfortunately, the french fries belong to the World boxing champion Nonito Donaire. He was just behind the door of his locker probably he is preparing for practice.

When Nonito saw what the man tries to do, he immediately gave threatening look. With just one stare from the renowned boxer, the man did not continue his intention.

Watch the Mcdonalds’ TV Commercial below:

On Youtube, there seems a lot who also laughed after watching the video. Some wanted to buy Mcdonalds’ french fries right after seeing it.

What is really amazing is that the casts did not say a thing in the 30-second tvc. Yet it was able to impart something to the viewers, which is “Eyes on Your Fries” or someone will not be able to resist eating it.

Personally, if I know that the french fries belong to professional boxers like Nonito Donaire or Manny Pacquiao. I will not have the nerve to touch it, more so eat one strand. Why? Because it is cheaper to buy my own french fries than to consult a medical specialist after getting hurt hahaha.

Hopefully, there is the second part of this TV commercial. I wonder what would it be. Will Nonito Donaire be generous enough to share his fries?

Or he will bring the guy to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant to treat him to a value meal plus a large fries. Nobody really knows but I hope the brand would really release a second part of the TVC because it’s a bit “bitin” hahaha.

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