North Bayou F80 Monitor Arm Unboxing and Easy Setup

Are you planning to buy a North Bayou F80 monitor arm in the Philippines? Maybe this post will help you decide to get one. Here is the unboxing and setup of the North Bayou monitor arm.

Based on my observation the North Bayou Arm is the cheapest monitor arm brand available in the Philippines. You can get it for around 1200 pesos to 2000 pesos or roughly $24 to $40 online in Shopee or Lazada Philippines.

The arm is packed in a glossy-looking box. Moreover, you can see on the box’s surface the specifications and features of the monitor arm.

When you open it, you can immediately see that the NB F80 is neatly wrapped in plastic and the parts are properly segregated. Aside from the actual unit and small parts. It also comes with user manuals that are translated into different languages.
Based on experience, the north bayou f80 is easy to setup. I think the hardest part of the assembly is when I have to drill a hole on the table for the grommet installation hahaha. I would want to install it on the table edge. However, it is not possible based on my table setup.
north-bayou-f80-monitor-arm-unboxing-packageThe steps that you will see here cover the assembly of the f80 arm up to the point where I mount my 27-inch Samsung monitor. It took me just 5 simple steps and in under 10 minutes.

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How to Setup the North Bayou F80 Monitor Arm

Step 1. read the user manual for the north bayou monitor arm

This step is optional. If you are excited about your newly bought monitor arm, you can just jump immediately and do trial and error with its parts.
Or if you want to be on the safe side. I suggest that you read the user manual hahaha. The instruction in the latter is translated into different languages. There is no Tagalog so just choose the manual that is in English.

Step 2. Determine the type of installation

You can install the north bayou f80 arm in two ways. You can choose the table edge installation or grommet installation.

The latter however depends on your preference and also your current table setup.

For example, if the location on the table where you intend to install the arm has an obstruction on the edge. Then choose the grommet installation. Otherwise, do the table edge installation.

In my case, the table edge installation is not feasible so I chose the grommet installation. Besides, it’s easy for me to punch a hole in the table than to remove the obstruction. So, I decided to drill a hole near the edge of the table.

Step 3. Assemble the necessary parts

The parts that you need to assemble depend on your chosen type of installation.

If you choose the table edge setup. Fix these parts under the foot of the f80 arm.

If you choose the grommet installation setup fix these parts instead.
Tighten the screws using the provided Hex wrench. Fortunately, the North Bayou package also comes with a hex wrench.

Note: I made up the parts name because I do not know about it

Step 4. Fix the f80 arm to the table

What you will see here is how I fixed the monitor arm to the table via grommet installation.

Insert the long screw in the hole on the table. Afterward, secure it with the provided metal wingnut.

Step 5. Mount the monitor to the arm

The f80 monitor arm comes with an extra 4 pcs of m4 sized screws. You can fix it to the available screw holes at the back of the PC monitor.

Afterward, mount the back of the monitor to the arm then tighten the screws.
Just a little reminder. Make sure that your monitor’s net weight is within 2 to 9 kg which is the allowable requirement of the F80 arm.

That is how easy it is to assemble the north bayou f80 monitor arm and the mounting of the PC monitor.

Here are the many possible monitor rotations you can do with the F80 monitor arm.
Now that everything is set. You can now proceed with tension, tilt/angle, and swivel tightness adjustments. You can use the hex wrench to loosen or tighten the respective screws. This is so you can maneuver the monitor arm. Without that much resistance from the arm.

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  • ruhan

    hi there,cause ive lost a couple of the mounting screws,do you know the length of those m4 screws?thanks a bunch

    • Matt

      Hi Ruhan, no I didn’t measure it when I install my North Bayou F80 monitor arm.

  • Aik

    Hey man, hope you are doing well. How thick is your table top? Im planning to do the grommet install as well because im having the same situation as you.

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