O+ Plus Android Phones, Tablets Price List Philippines

O+ Plus phone from Technology Company in the United States would like to at least capture a small pie of the mobile phone market in the Philippines.

O+ plus made the right move to ride the popularity of Eat Bulaga to introduce their entry-level 6.3 WiFi Air Shuffle initially as part of the giveaway.

O+ Plus may be new, but it brought an impressive technology called the air shuffle that perhaps none of the current mobile manufacturer giants has ever thought or if did doesn’t give that much attention to it.

I don’t have that enough ideas about the phone, but according to the announcement in Eat Bulaga it will be available nationwide on August 8, 2012. The technology company has an impressive lineup of entry-level phones, android phones, and tablets. See below O+ Plus Entry-Level, Android Phones, and Tablets Price in the Philippines.

O+ Fab Elite 2.0 Octa Core SmartPhone – P15995

o+ fab elite 2 price

360 Series Phones

O+ 360 and 360 alpha price
O+ 360 price – P6395
O+ 360 Alpha price  – P4995

o+ 8.17 features and specs

O+ 8.17 price – P10995
Music Phone Model and Price: 5.7 – TBA
5.3 – P1895
2.1 – TBA
3.2 – TBA
O+ Wifi Phone Model and Price: 6.3 WiFi – P3795
6.8 WiFi – P3295
7.2 WiFi – P2795
O+ Android Phones Model and Price: 8.2 – TBA
O+ Plus 8.7 android phone – P4995
O+ PAD (Tablet) Model and Price: O+ 9.7 Pad – P9995
7.1 – TBA
* Images property of O+ Plus. Price list and phone models are arranged from left to right

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  • rui

    Eh alin po b jan s mga o phones ung nsa tv advertisement n ma.sa.shuffle ung songs and images pag i swipe m ung kamay m s tapat ng ph0ne. Tnx.

    • mattscradle

      Hi Rui, yung 6.3 WiFi po yun.

      • Rui

        Ah ok tnx po. Kaso sayang d xa android. Ahm ung android b nla wlang gan0ng feature? Tnx ulet.

      • Rui

        Ah ok tnx po. Kso d xa android. Ahm ung android b nla wlang gan0ng feature? Tnx ulet.

  • rui

    Ah ok po. Tnx. Sayang d pala xa android. . Sana gnawa nlng dn n android hehe. Tnx po ulit

  • rui

    Ah ok tnx po. Kaso sayang d xa android. Ahm ung android b nla wlang gan0ng feature?

  • Rui

    An0ng os po b un tbd. My laban dn po b ung gan0ng os s android. I mean mganda dn b ung os n un.

  • roy

    anu po processor ng tablet??

  • Alex

    hi, may I please request the prices of all the O+ Plus new model phones available in the market. by the way, I am from Philippines.
    thank you!

  • abby

    yung 6.8 wifi d po sya air shuffle??? can i bring this to other country???

  • jestoni

    anu nman po features nung oplus tablet and other models? ung air shuffle lng kc nbbanggit. tnx in advance

  • debbie

    How much the O+ Pad?

  • angel

    sang SM po

  • Remer

    anu po ba ung price at statistics ng 8.2 android phone?? tnx po :)

  • Kris

    6.3 WiFi – P3795,6.8 WiFi – P3295 air shuffle po ba ito? and san ko po makita ang mga specs? slmt.

  • edison boy

    yet gravoso : samsung galaxy pocket ata yung mas maganda.

  • Angel

    I like the tablets but it is too expensive. Is that the lowest price? :( I want to buy 1.

  • jasmine

    how much naman yang O+?

  • japet

    ganda ng 6.3 wifi…………galing mag design…!!!

  • emzher

    cnu b mkkpgbgay ng specs ng phone n 2..
    rom mmory?
    wifi speed?
    ..kulang ang specs n nbbsa q..
    ..s mga users ng phone n 2 post nio capabilties ng phone n pra ms alm ng buyers if its gud choice or not

  • emzher

    anu b mas mgnda,8.7 oh 6.3 ? yan kse pnagpplian q..
    ska anu b OS ng 6.3??
    pkisgot mga users..

  • eliz

    hi..want to buy tablet from oplus..mern din bang tablet ka kpreha sa galxy tab? ung pde lgyan ng sim pra mkpag internet? tnx..

  • joy

    opo gingerbread n un OS nya.. i had my o plus 8.7

  • jiezle

    pde po makahingi ng pricelist ng O+ at san po pde maka avail dito sa laguna…,tnx

  • xee

    available n po oplus s bataan, s robinson 3rd floor

  • alvin

    merun po b sa cauayan isabela yan?

  • Judy ann

    mayron na po ba ng 6.8 sa Sm Lipa ? :) paki sagot nmn po. i want to buy

  • Lisa

    I want to know the O+ mobile phone’s website and contact ways.

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