O+ Plus Birthday Sale: Discounts and Buy 1 Take 1 on Selected Smartphones

O Plus has just turned 2 today and I say now is the time to buy any of O+ Plus phones and fablets. This is because the tech company based in the US are offering massive discounts and freebies such as buy 1 take 1 in some of their latest smartphone models.

o+ plus phones birthday sale

Discounts range from P400 to up to P4000, and they also give free feature phone or Fablet depending on the purchased smartphone model. Check out the details below:

O+ Imagine – P18995 (comes with free O+ Fab Color 2.0)
O+ Fab Turbo – P9995 (P4000 OFF)
O+ 8.16 Android – P12995 (with free O+ 2.6 Music)
O+ 8.15 Android – P10995 (with free O+ 2.3 Music)
O+ 8.52 Android (8GB) – P4995 (with free O+ 1.2 Music)
O+ Fab Nova 2.0 – P8995 (P1000 OFF)
O+ Fab 3G – P6495 (P500 OFF)
O+ Fab Color 2.0 – P5495 (P500 OFF)
O+ 8.21 Android – P2195 (P400 OFF)

To avail any of the listed smartphones, you can visit any of O+ Plus Kiosks, and stores nationwide.

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