OFW Bound for Hong Kong falls victim (Allegedly) to Tanim Bala in NAIA Terminal 2

OFW Bound for Hong Kong, Gloria Ortinez (56-year-old) was hold and detained at the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group (NCR headquarters) because a security screening officer allegedly saw a bullet inside her hand-carry luggage when it was scanned at the NAIA Terminal 2.

Filipina Household worker has a scheduled flight for Hong Kong on October 25,2015 when she was hold and detained at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 because a NAIA security officer saw a carbine riffle bullet covered with a red fabric inside her hand carry bag.

Gloria Ortinez claimed that the bullet was not hers and she was a victim of ‘tanim bala.’ In an interview by TV Patrol, she told that she flew from Laoag Airport going to NAIA Terminal 2 on the same day and there is no seen bullet inside her bag.

In her almost 30 years of being a Filipino worker in Hong Kong, she explained that she hasn’t seen a ripple bullet. She added that she would never destroy her reputation as an OFW by simply carrying a bullet as it is one of the prohibited items inside the airplane. For being an OFW, her two children were able to finish college.
tanim bala in naia terminals
Gloria Ortinez is facing charges regarding the incident. Her relatives need to gather P80,000 cash as bail to send her out of jail temporarily.

Meanwhile, in another interview by ABS-CBN, Senior Superintendent Ricardo Layug, NCR Chief of PNP-AVSEGROUP denied or dismissed that there is a ‘tanim bala / laglag bala’ activity happening inside the Ninoy International Airport Terminal 2 because according to him, security is very tight inside the terminal. The terminal is covered with CCTV he added.

Watch the video for the complete details:

Update: Gloria Ortinez was Discharged

Aside from this recent (allegedly) ‘tanim bala / laglag bala’ incident, a Filipina-American bound for Los Angeles California and an American missionary was also victimized by the same modus at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

If you fall victim (hopefully not) to the same incident in any international airport in the Philippines here is what you need to do:

Image credits to facebook.com/PEBAWARDS/

Image credits to facebook.com/PEBAWARDS/

*Video credits to ABS-CBN News youtube account

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