Top 11 Traits of a Successful OFW

Traits refer to the distinct qualities that typical successful OFWs possess. Successful OFWs are OFWs who appreciate their jobs abroad, have a better quality of life, have a higher salary, and can provide for their loved ones.

OFWs are some of the bravest people there are. Often, they go alone to a foreign country for work to fulfill their dreams of a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

You can find OFW in every country on earth if it offers job opportunities for them. They are also willing to work with various foreign nationalities to keep their overseas jobs. They became more understanding of the culture of their host country even if it was not aligned with their belief.

They learn to love their jobs, become accustomed to loneliness, embrace uncertainty, and plan for the future. This is why OFWs thrive and become successful.

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Are you an aspiring OFW who wants to be successful? Below are the 11 traits (qualities) of successful OFWs that you should possess.


All successful OFWs are risk-takers. They apply for jobs abroad offered by a recruitment agency bound for countries unfamiliar to them. They do not know the behavior of people, culture, and cost of living in their destination country, regardless, they are willing to take the risk. What matters to them is to earn a living to support their families in the Philippines.


All successful OFWs are independent or learned to become independent. They stand on their feet and rely on themselves because they know that the people (friends and relatives) who can help them are thousands of miles away. This means that if something goes wrong, they will be the only ones to deal with the problem.

Fond of learning

All OFWs are fond of learning. They are willing to learn new skills to stay valuable in the workplace. They learn to keep their mind sharp to provide value to their jobs.

They take Courses offered by TESDA to learn new skills that enable them to take part-time jobs to earn extra income. They educate themselves to ensure that they will be continuously employable.

Budget their money well

Most successful OFWs budget their money well abroad. The main reason is a huge portion of their salary is remitted to the Philippines to support their families. Then they try to make ends meet with the money left with them. Failure to budget their money means they will have to eat instant noodles until payday comes. This also means that they will forego simple leisure such as eating fast food or strolling to malls.


OFWs know how to adapt to the environment of their host country abroad. They change their lifestyle which includes the way they dress, food they eat, and sometimes their accents also change. Doing so helps them blend in with the locals to avoid discrimination (if any).

Cope with Homesickness

Initially, OFWs experience melancholy while living abroad alone. Eventually, they learn to overcome homesickness by making friends with fellow OFWs and participating in social gatherings such as Party celebrations organized by Filipino communities abroad. Watch Philippine-based TV series on YouTube and other social media sites. They also settled to communicating with relatives using various social media apps on their phones.


OFWs are hardworking people. They know that to extend their job contract abroad, they need to constantly perform well in their respective workplace. It is one of the reasons why foreign employers favor them over other foreign nationalities when comes to performance on the job.


Successful OFWs invest in stocks, real estate, education, and businesses. OFWs know that their current jobs abroad are only temporary which is why they invest in income-generating assets. Investing ensures that there will be a continuous inflow of cash when something wrong happens to them such as losing their job and experiencing health issues.


OFWs are generally grateful to their employers and their host country. Mainly because both give the OFW opportunities to earn higher salaries compared to the salary they receive in the Philippines, as a result, they can send their kids to decent schools, buy a house, and save extra money for their future. OFW shows gratitude by doing quality work in their company and following the laws of the country they are in.


Successful OFWs are ambitious people. OFWs work abroad with the ambition of being able to earn higher salaries to provide for their families. They also work abroad for career advancement related to their line of work and seek better opportunities overseas.

Maintains Integrity

Successful OFWs maintain their integrity abroad. This is why employers trust and depend on them. Knowing that OFWs are employed in every occupation available overseas means that foreign employers know Overseas Filipino Workers can be trusted when comes to fulfilling their jobs whether in the healthcare sectors, technology sectors, hospitality sectors, and agriculture sectors.

What are the Bad Traits of Unsuccessful OFWs?

The bad traits of unsuccessful OFWs are Procrastination (Mañana Habit), undisciplined, tardiness, lack of planning for the future, unambitious, ungrateful, and not investing.

What are the Best Countries to Get a Job as an OFW?

The Best Countries to get a Job as an OFW are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. These countries provide job opportunities, higher salaries, and better quality of life for OFWs.

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