Old SSS Bracket for Paying your Monthly Dues 2012

Here is the old SSS bracket for 2012. I got a copy when I visited the SSS branch in Pasay to pay for my monthly dues and process my ID. For sure I am not the only one who wants to know about it so I write this article.

After paying my monthly dues, I had a chance to ask the cashier if it is possible to increase the monthly contribution of members. She replied that it is possible provided it would happen gradually and only up to two steps higher per payment.

Let us say you are currently paying P520 per month. In the next month, you would like to increase your remittance to P1040. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do that instead you have to increase it gradually.

You have to pay first the two steps higher amount next to P520 which is P624 after a month again you have to pay two steps higher than P624 which is P728 until you reach your ideal monthly amount of P1040.

Details of the Old SSS Bracket deadlines:
There are respective dates for you to pay your monthly dues to avoid penalties. Let us say your SSS number ends in one or two (1 or 2) your payment deadline is on every 10th day of the month. If the ending digit is zero (0) your payment deadline is on every last day of the month. If the payment deadline falls on weekends and holidays, payments can be done on the next working day. Otherwise, Respective penalties will be imposed.

What is the Newest SSS Contribution Table?

The Newest version of the SSS Contribution Table is for 2023. According to the new table, the contribution rate for employees, self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouses, land-based OFW, and kasambahay is 14%.

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