11 Iconic One More Chance Movie Lines, #7 is so Heartbreaking

The blockbuster movie “One More Chance” of John Lloyd Cruz / Popoy and Bea Alonzo / Basha has so many iconic lines that are guaranteed to break your heart. Can you also relate to their hugot lines?

I don’t know what pops out of my mind when I suddenly decided to watch the One More Chance movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. It’s an old movie already from way back in 2007, though this is the first time I watch the full movie for 2 hours.

I’m not really into watching Tagalog movies. Probably, because most of the films I was able to watch are predictable or sometimes not consistent. I have to say this movie is somewhat predictable in the opening scene and ending scene. However, I have to commend the people behind, because the turn of events in the middle part of the movie has kept me immersed.

What sets this apart from others are the main characters’ acting skills and how they deliver their script. To be particular, when JYL and Bea deliver those Popoy and Basha lines and quotes. It would really make the hair on your skin stood up or worst will reduce you to tears.

The reason is at some point you can relate to it. Especially, if you have been in love for a long time with your high school sweetheart. Yet, have broken up because of differences in ambition or when both parties search for their own identity. It’s kind of a “pinagtagpo pero di tinadhana” thing.

So much for the story, I wrote this post to share with you these heartbreaking one more chance movie quotes hahaha.
one more chance movie Before I share the list of quotes, what you see in the photo is just one of the funny scenes in the movie. As you can see, the movie “One More Chance” also has some happy scenes and funny lines though, in my opinion, it’s really more of a heavy drama.

If I am not mistaken, the movie is a box office with earnings of 152.7 million pesos, back in the days when Social Media is not yet a thing. Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, Dimples Romana, Maja Salvador, Derek Ramsay, and is directed by Cathy Garcia Molina.

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One More Chance Movie Quotes that can Break your Heart

1. Basha (Bea Alonzo): I already gave 5 years of my life it’s about time you give me what I want.

2. Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz): But you’re asking for too much ang hinihingi mo mawala ka sa buhay ko

3. Basha: Sana kaya ko na lang tiisin itong nararamdaman ko kasi ako ang humiling nito diba. Ako yung may gusto. Sana kayak o sabihin sayo na Masaya ako para sa iyo, para inyo. Sana kaya ko 2x pero hindi

4. Popoy: She love me at my worst. You had me at my best, at binaliwala mo ang lahat and you chose to break my heart.

5. Mark (Derek Ramsay): Minsan, it’s better for two people to break up so they can grow up. It takes grown-ups to make relationships work

6. Trisha (Maja Salvador): I love you and I will tell you every day, every day until you forget the things that hurt. And how I wish I could take them away. If only it could be done but it cannot be done because you won’t let me.

7. Popoy: Oh eh diba’t ikaw pa nag sabi sakin na baka kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal natin kasi baka merong bagong darating na mas-OK na mas mamahalain tayo. Yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan at paaasahin yung nag-iisang tao na mag tatama ng mali sa buhay natin yung lahat ng mali sa buhay mo.

8. Trisha: Walang madaling paraan para gawin ito, kasi ang sakit na.

9. Trisha: (approach to close the eyes of popoy) Para kung masaktan man ako hindi mo Makita.

10. Popoy: Hindi mo alam kung gaano kagusto sabihin sayo na sana tayo na lang, sana tayo na lang ulit. Pero sa tuwing mararamdaman ko kung gaano kita ka mahal hindi ko maiwasan ulit maramdaman lahat ng sakit…. I want my heart to stop breaking – para pag naging tayo ulit kaya na kitang mahalin ng buong buo. Nang walang takot kung masaktan man tayo muli.

11. Basha: I want to stop wondering “What If?”, I want to know “What Is?”

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* I find those one more chance movie quotes / lines very cool though I’m not really sure where and when will I have the chance to use it. To be honest, I am hoping not to use it because as I said earlier, the lines are heartbreaking.

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