Pag Ibig Online Registration in 3 Easy Steps with Video

This post will guide you on how to register in Pag Ibig fund online as a new member and secure a Pag Ibig membership ID number. The online registration process only takes 3 easy steps and would probably take less than 15 minutes. Please have patience, as the benefits of being a Home Development Mutual Fund (HMDF) member outweighs this somehow tedious process.

Pag Ibig Fund members enjoy numerous benefits such as Multi- Purpose Loan (MPL) where a member can request financial assistance from the government institution for their tuition fees or educational expenses, livelihood, health and wellness, and home improvement, enhancement, and repairs.

During times of unforeseen calamities such as fire, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruptions, and alike, affected Pag Ibig Members can also apply for calamity assistance to address their personal concerns. Interest rates for this type is very low at 5.95 percent per year. Pag-Ibig Fund also offers assistance to members who plans to acquire affordable housing for their family.

Before you start filling up the online membership registration, I suggest that you prepare first valid identification cards (IDs) like SSS, TIN, and GSIS in case you want it to be included in your member’s data. Also prepare valid email address. You can create email in Gmail, and in Yahoo free of charge.

You may also ask first your father’s and your mother’s middle name in case you do not know, you will need it as you progress filling up the online registration form.

You should also use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Old version of the stated web browsers may have compatibility issues with the HMDF website. When everything is prepared proceed now to Pag Ibig Fund website

How to Register and Get Pag Ibig Membership ID Online Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Under Online Services go to Membership Registration link

pag ibig online registrationpag ibig online membership registration
You will be redirected to a page that will remind you of the purpose of this online membership registration. Make sure that you understand what is written in the page then continue to register.

Step 2: Fill in the needed information such as your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Date of Birth. Enter the correct code then proceed to the next page

Step 3: Supply all the needed personal informations

In member info tab, fill in again your complete name, your father’s and mother’s complete name including the middle initial. Those that were marked with asterisk are mandatory. You cannot proceed to the next page if you can’t fill in the information asked in it.
pag ibig online registration member info

Under Other Info Tab, fill in your date and place of birth, citizenship, civil status, height and weight. TIN, SSS for those who are employed private sectors, or GSIS ID numbers for those employed in the government. You should also choose the frequency of membership savings payment.
fill up other information

Under address tab, key in your permanent, and present address, and zip code. You also need to tick your preferred mailing address.
permanent address and present address

Under contacts tab fill in your valid email address, mobile phone, and landline numbers.
enter contact details

Under the Heir’s tab, key in your Heir’s information. Then select your relationship with him / her.
heirs information

Under Member Category tab, select the type of membership you would want to have. It can be mandatory, voluntary, or unemployed. The personal information that will be asked to you will be based on your selected category so be as accurate as possible.
member category

Under the EMP History tab, key in your employment details. The name of the company, employment duration, and company address.
online employment details

Under the Summary tab, you can choose to submit your registration.
pag ibig online submit registration

After submitting your registration, the successful registration page will show up on your screen.

Watch the video below from PagibigfundHDMF youtube channel for more details:

Afterwards, you will also receive a text message confirming your registration with the tracking number to use when remitting your pag ibig contribution as you wait for your Pag-ibig ID number.

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