How to Reset Pag Ibig Password Online, If You Forgot It!

Here are the 5 easy steps to reset or retrieve your Pag Ibig password when you forgot it. This process would only take you 3 minutes to complete. Follow the instruction so you can unlock your pagibig account. After this, you can now login with your new password and be able to access your pag ibig account.

Before you start, make sure that your account is already enrolled in the Virtual pag ibig online. Also, you are able to access the email address that you use when you registered in pag ibig fund website.

During the Pag Ibig registration, you need to select three random security questions and supply the answer before you can reset your password. For example your home address, the school where you studied elementary, or your spouse middle name.

If you can access your email address and know the answer to at least one random question then here are the steps.

5 Easy Steps to Retrieve Pag ibig Password Online If You Forgot it

Step 1: Visit to reset your password

At the upper middle part of the homepage, you will see the “Virtual Pag-Ibig fund link.” Visit the link so you will be redirected to the virtual pag ibig login page.
pag ibig password reset if you forgot itAt the middle left portion of the page, you can select which transaction to process. These are “Be a Member,” “Pay Online,” “Apply for a Loan,” “View Records,” “Create Account,” and “Log In.”

virtual pagibig login page

Since you want to reset your pag ibig password, go the “Log In” link and hit the continue button.

Step 2: Go to the Forgot Password link

At this part, you are already in the Virtual Pag-IBIG log in page. On this page you can create an account, login with your existing account, reset your password, or first-time login.pag-ibig-password-reset-page-login-2 Go to the link that says “Forgot Password?”

Step 3: Type in your Email Address Registered with Pag Ibig

Remember, I’ve told you at the start of this tutorial that you need to know the email address you use when you registered with Virtual Pag-Ibig? You need to type in that exact email address in the space provided. Then hit the verify button.

virtual-pag-ibig-password-reset-forgot-step-three-v3If your email address is in the database, the page will ask you a random security question for password retrieval. The questions are also based on your choice when you register your pag ibig mid number online.

Here are examples of the password retrieval security question: “What primary school did you attend?” or “What was the house number and street name you lived in as a child?” or “What is your spouse or partner’s mother’s maiden name?”

Answer it correctly so the page will send to your email address the temporary password.

Step 4: Check your email for a temporary password that pag ibig sent

Here is the standard letter that the government institution will send to your email account. It includes a temporary password.


Dear MattsCradlle / Member’s Name:

Good day!

This is to acknowledge your request to reset your password.
You may now use the temporary password.

Temporary Password: temppassword (example only)

The email is auto-generated so do not reply to it. Make sure that you use the temporary password correctly. I suggest that you keep the email until you complete the whole process of resetting your password. Afterward, it is your call if you want to delete the said email.

Step 5: login with Virtual PagIbig as first time login

Go back to the Virtual Pag-Ibig Home page. Just below the “Forget Password?” link, you will see the “First Time Login?” Visit that link.


The new page will show up where it will ask you to type in your Email address and the temporary password. The latter was sent by Pag-Ibig on your email address. Hit the verify button after.


If you have done this correctly, pag ibig will then ask you to type in your new password and confirm your new password.

Take note that your password must be at least 8 characters. It can be a combination of alphabets and numbers. For your safety, create a password with the mentioned combination. virtual-pag-ibig-password-reset-forgot-step-5Make sure that it is easy to remember on your part but at the same time difficult to guess for the third party. Also, do not share your password with anyone.

Afterward, log in with your virtual account using your updated password.

That’s it. It’s easy, right?

How to Remember and Create a Pag-Ibig Password

Write down your Pag Ibig Password on a piece of paper

To remember your HDMF password so you can easily check your pag-ibig contribution online. I suggest that you write it down on a piece of paper and keep it to a safe place at home together with your other important documents.  It is better if you have a separate folder for your pagibig related documents such as your registration form or your payment slip. So when you need to get information about your account, you can always check the folder.

Create a Strong Pagibig Password

PagIbig fund requires a minimum of eight characters password. There are many ways to create strong security and difficult to guess Pag-big password. You can avoid common passwords or those that have patterns on it such as 87654321 Or 12345678.

You can also disguise your password when you write it down. For example, you can write only the first 4 characters of your 8-character pag ibig password. In this way, the letters can help you remember the remaining 4 hidden characters.

Alternatively, you can put a space in between letters similar to this “Pa_-ib_g_p_ss_w_o_d” instead of the straight “Pag-ibig password.” I hope you get what I mean.

Also in your password, you can alternate capital letters with small letters. For example, your password is “PAGIBIG PASSWORD”, you can instead write it like this “PaGiBiG pAsSwOrD.” This will work since I think the website is case-sensitive when it comes to password.

Be mindful also if you are typing in capslock mode or in small characters. The reason is sometimes you are able to type the correct password. However, it is invalid since you do not know which of the letter is in the upper-case or in the lower-case. The same thing if you add numbers on your password.

If you really can’t remember anything then just go back to this post and follow the steps again to reset your password. I hope this post will be able to help you in resetting your password in your virtual pag ibig account online.

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