How to Pay Pag Ibig Contribution, Loans thru Payment Centers

You can pay your Pag Ibig contributions and housing loans via different payment centers in the Philippines and abroad. Here are the step by step guide to fulfill your responsibilities as an active member of the home development mutual fund (HDMF) otherwise known as pagibig fund of the Philippines.

Through the years, the Pag-Ibig fund has made a lot of improvements to its payment system. It is now utilizing the available technology at hand to ease up the burden for all its registering and paying Pag Ibig members. It is also tapping the potential of several private businesses that operate different payment channels to be able to get closer to its members.

Before, voluntary and active members need to visit a pagibig branch just to pay their contributions or loans. Now, they can do it in numerous ways, such as online, through third-party payment centers, at 7-Eleven stores, credit cards, G-Cash, and overseas remittance centers for Filipino workers abroad.

Members can still visit the HDMF branch but it is no longer mandatory due to the presence of these payment options. They can choose to pay their pag ibig dues according to the options convenient for them.

Just to give you an idea, assuming you are a voluntary paying member and there is 7-Eleven store near your location. You can just visit the mentioned convenience store to pay your membership savings, Modified Pag-Ibig2 (MP2), and your housing loan. If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) you can use your Visa or Mastercard credit card to pay for your monthly savings or you can go to the nearest Overseas remittance facility.

If you are a Kasambahay who needs to pay your monthly housing loan amortization, you can just use your Globe and Touch Mobile prepaid or postpaid devices to pay your Pag ibig loan thru G-Cash. You can do this at home using only your cellphone.

These mentioned payment options are a lot easier than braving the traffic, spending hours, and transportation cost just to visit a Pag-Ibig branch office.
There is one concern, that is if you are not aware that these things exist and if you do not know how to utilize them to your advantage.

Pag-Ibig Fund has more than 10 collecting partners that you can utilize to fulfill your monthly financial responsibilities with the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) of the Philippines. It’s convenient as several of these collecting partners have thousands of branches and authorized agents all over the Philippines.

These partners also provide fast and secure payment transactions. Also, some payment partners are capable of processing the pag ibig payments 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How to Pay your Pag Ibig Loans and Contributions through Over the Counter Steps

Members can pay their monthly savings and housing loan amortizations through over-the-counter to selected payment centers. This includes Bayad Centers, SM Business Centers in Malls, and retail stores such as Savemore and Hyper Market, M. Lhuilier, and ECPay.

With regards to processing your Housing Loan Amortization payment, you can visit any MetroBank, and Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) branches.
Take note that these collecting partners charge a service fee ranging from Php 5.00 to Php 7.00. MetroBank and Landbank do not charge fees.

Step 1: Fill up the payment form from Bayad Center, SM, M. Lhuiler, and or ECPay

Supply all the needed information such as your Member ID Number (MID), MP2 account number, and or Housing Account Number (HAN).

Make sure that you have written the correct HAN as if you have entered the wrong number, the payment process may stop, and or it will be credited to different housing loan account.

Step 2: Proceed with your Pag Ibig Payment

Pay the needed amount depending on your monthly savings rates, and loan value.

Step 3: Received the Machine Validated Payment Slip

The payment slip will serve as your official receipt and proof of payment. It also includes your transaction reference number.

Pag-Ibig Monthly Savings Payment Online using your JCB, Visa, or Mastercard Credit Card

This option is only available if you will be remitting for your Monthly Savings.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Pag-Ibig Fund

Go to at the lower middle part of the homepage you will see the e-Services.
Among the choices, select ‘Online Payment Facility.’

Step 2: Fill Up the needed information

In this part, you need to select the program types such as Savings, Regular savings, MP2 savings.

Choose your membership category whether local or overseas. Type in your Pag-Ibig MID number correctly. Type in your Member’s Name, membership savings, select the period covered, and amount due. Follow the remaining instructions.

how to pay pag ibig fund online

Step 3: Keep a copy of the Payment Reference number

It will service as your proof of payment. You will also receive SMS or email about your transaction.

How to pay your Pag Ibig Housing Loan Amortization with G-Cash

This payment option is only available for Globe and Touch Mobile postpaid and prepaid subscribers. You need to register your sim card to G-Cash free of charge. Afterward, covert your cash to GCash through several options such as online bank transfer, BancNet ATM, and to any GCash outlets.

When your GCash already have funds, you can now proceed with payment of your monthly housing loan amortization.

Step 1: Dial *143# on your mobile device

  • In the choices choose GCash, then ‘Pay Bills’
  • Under select Biller By ‘Category’, choose ‘Government’
  • Under select biller, choose Pag IBIG.

Step 2: Type in your Pag Ibig MID / HLID or PRN

MID and HLID number are composed of 12 digit numbers, and PRN are composed of 20 digit numbers.

Follow the remaining instruction on your mobile screen

pag ibig loan payment thru gcash

Pag Ibig Online Payment through PayMaya

You can also pay your monthly Pag Ibig remittance and loans using the online payment facility of PayMaya. You can use this payment type assuming you do not have a credit card.

The payment process is the same as when paying using your CC except that instead of using choosing your card in the list of choices, you will select ‘PayMaya.’


Step 1: Visit the official website of Pag Ibig Fund

Go to, the official website of HDMF. At the middle left part of the homepage you will see e-Services.

Among the choices, select ‘Online Payment Facility’

Step 2: Type in your personal information

Type in the program type, membership category, Pag-IBIG Mid Number, member’s name, mobile number, and member’s email address.

Afterward, enter the correct characters in the CAPTCHA. Agree with the terms and conditions. Then ‘Next’

Step 3: Select ‘PayMaya’ in the choices

Then, type in your registered mobile phone numbers and your chosen PIN. Select ‘OK’ to proceed.

Step 4: Received email notification from PayMaya

After the successful transaction, you will receive an email notification that includes your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) which will serve as your proof of payment.

How to pay your Pag Ibig Membership Savings, MP2, and Housing Loan using Moneygment Mobile App

Here is another option when paying your Pag Ibig short term loans and contributions, the Moneygment Mobile Application. This app is available in both IOS and Android devices.
This application requires registration to be able to use it. You can register using your Facebook account, Gmail, or your personal email address.

Step 1: Log in with your registered login information

Type in your email address, and password or Sign in with your Facebook account or Gmail.

Step 2: Select ‘Pay your Pag-IBIG’ in the choices

This option also allows you to pay your other government dues, but since you intend to pay your Pag Ibig dues, then select Pag-IBIG.

Step 3: Type in your Pag Ibig account details. Then Select payment type

Selecting the payment type depends on what Pag-Ibig transaction you want to process. You can pay your membership savings, modified Pag Ibig II (MP2), or Housing loan amortization. Type in the respective account details for the three choices.

Step 4: Follow the remaining instruction on your Moneygment App

moneygment app for pagibig online payment

Pag Ibig Payment in 7-Eleven Branch via ECPay

The ECPay platform has more than 9000 partners all over the Philippines. This include but not limited to 7-Eleven. To use the ECPay payment facility, you need to register your mobile number.

Step 1: Register with ECPay

Visit the ecpay website Register by typing in your mobile number and desired password.

Step 2: Login with ECPay

Type in your registered mobile number and password.

Step 3: Select Pag-IBIG and the type of payment

Select which Pag-ibig transaction you want to pay in the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Validate your information

Check if all the information entered are correct.

Step 5: Select 7Eleven as your payment option

You will be redirected to 7-Eleven payment page. Follow the remaining instruction in the page.

pagibig payment via 7-eleven

How to Pay Pag Ibig Fund loans and Contributions thru Coins.Ph powered by Bayad Center

You can also pay your Pag Ibig Fund dues via For those who do not know yet, the latter is powered by Bayad Center.

Step 1: Create a account

This among others, also requires registration to be able to use its service. You can provide your mobile phone number or your valid email address to register.
If you are always on the go, you can also download their applications using your iPhone or android devices.

Step 2: Load your Coins Mobile Wallet

You can do this by visiting any 7-Eleven branch. Inquire with the convenience store staff about how to load your mobile wallet.

Step 3: Pay your Bills and Choose Pag-Ibig Fund

Among the different listed billers, select Pag-Ibig. Choose which type of payment you are going to make. It can be membership savings, MP2, or housing loan amortization.

Step 4: Enter your Pag Ibig Fund Details in the Space Provided

Type in your Pag-Ibig account information depending on the type of payment.

Step 5: Received an Electronic Payment Confirmation

Once you are successful with the payment process, you will be received an electronic acknowledgment message.

how to pay pag ibig contributions using coins ph

How to pay your Pag-Ibig Loans and Contribution as an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

Filipinos residing and working overseas can also pay their Pag-ibig contributions and loans even when they are abroad. They just need to visit an accredited collecting agents and remittance centers.

Accredited remittance centers include but not limited to I-Remit, Ventaja, and Cashpinas. Tie-up banks include but not limited to Philippine National Bank, and Asia United Bank.
You can inquire directly to the remittance centers and banks regarding the process on how to pay your pag-ibig savings, contributions, and housing loans.

The payment options are probably growing as Pag-Ibig Fund continues to improve its payment facilities to utilize collecting partners and banks locally and abroad. For now, please choose among the list which ever is convenient to you as an active paying member of the Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag Ibig Fund.

* I hope this helps guys!

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