How to Pair Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard to Bluetooth Devices

Logitech K380 is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that you can pair to iPad, laptop, desktop, iPhone, and Android devices. It is a slim and lightweight keyboard that measures 279 mm (10.984 inches) in length, 124 mm (4.882 inches) in width, and 16 mm (0.629 inches) in depth. It is ultra-portable as it only weighs 423g (0.9326 Pounds) and you can put it in your bag without any issues. The K380 comes in 5 different color designs namely off-white, graphite, rose, sand, and lavender lemonade.

Logitech K380 is a battery-operated wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The battery quantity is 2 pieces and the size is Triple A (AAA). The battery can last for up to 24 months.

You can connect the Logitech K380 to up to 3 different computer devices all at the same time. And with just a press of a button, you can easily shift from one paired Bluetooth device to another. Afterward, you can start typing and continue with your work.

To pair your Logitech K380 wireless keyboard to a new device, the latter should have Bluetooth wireless technology features. Logitech K380 is compatible with any Bluetooth connectivity capable devices which include Android, Apple, Chrome OS, Mac OS X (10.10 or newer), and Microsoft Windows 7 or newer versions. Below are the 3 steps to pair your K380 to a Bluetooth device.

Step 1: Insert the batteries into the K380 Keyboard

The battery is installed in the battery compartment located at the back of the keyboard. To do so, remove the compartment’s cover then carefully insert the battery one by one into it. Afterward, replace the cover.

battery logitech k380 keyboard

Step 2: Power ON the Keyboard

The power button to turn ON the K380 keyboard is located at the top left corner of its casing. Toggle the button up to turn it ON. Afterward, the yellow LED light next to it will light up for 5 seconds.

power on logitech k380 keyboard

Step 3: Pair the Wireless Keyboard to a Bluetooth Device

Pairing it with Android and iOS tablets, smartphones, PCs, and MACs requires 3 steps.

1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and turn it ON. Subsequently the latter will be on pairing mode to find the Bluetooth devices nearby such as a wireless keyboard.

2. Press and hold for 3 seconds the Bluetooth button 1 on the Logitech K380 keyboard. When you do, the LED light above it will blink rapidly for 3 minutes. This means that the keyboard is in discovery mode and other devices will be able to detect the wireless keyboard.

3. Pair your Logitech keyboard with your Bluetooth devices such as tablets, smartphones, Windows PC, and MACs.

Your device will immediately detect the K380 and show it on the monitor/screen. Tap/select the latter to command your Bluetooth device to pair with the k380 keyboard.

Note that if you will pair the keyboard to a Windows PC or to an Android device, these devices will show you a randomly generated 6-digit PIN code. Type the PIN on your K380 to be able to pair it with them. On the other hand, iPhones and iPads do not generate PIN codes and automatically connect to the keyboard.

You can repeat the same steps to connect your Logitech keyboard to your second and third bluetooth devices. As mentioned earlier, the K380 can connect to up to 3 bluetooth devices.

pair logitech k380 to bluetooth devices

How to Disconnect the K380 Keyboard from Your Bluetooth Device?

Go to the bluetooth settings on your device, then among the choices, tap/select your K380 Keyboard then “Disconnect”.

Alternatively, you can choose to permanently unpair your K380 from your device by tapping/selecting the “Forget This Device” option.

How to Turn OFF the K380?

You can turn it off by toggling the power down or by removing the battery. If you frequently use your keyboard, then it’s better to just toggle it down. If you seldom use your keyboard then it’s better to remove the battery.

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