Panglao Island, Bohol Tour day two (2)

Bohol Panglao Island Tour Day two. At nine (9) in the morning we went to Tagbilaran church to attend the mass. We are amazed because the church was jam packed with people.

The mass was held in “visayan” language and we find it difficult to comprehend what the priest was saying. Based on what our tour guide had said the Boholanos were well disciplined specially in attending holy mass. For an instance if a lady was about to receive the communion and she was wearing spaghetti strap the lay minister would deliberately ignore her and with that she won’t be able to receive the Holy Communion.

Also during holy matrimony, if the soon to be bride was wearing backless or tube the priest will not continue the ceremony. Then after that we make our wish.

tagbilaran church
tagbilaran church dress code

After that we ride a taxi going to Panglao Island. We made the taxi driver as our tour guide

Our first stop was in Hinagdanan cave located in Dauis. It was called hinagdanan cave because it is necessary to take a man made stairs just to get inside the cave, I have to say the steps are slippery so be careful. The cave was full of stalactites and stalagmites, inside the cave was a natural lagoon where people can swim and wash their clothes.

hinagdanan cave first photo hinagdanan cave second photo

After Hinagdanan cave we were able to set foot to St. Augustine Church, it is located at southwestern side of Panglao  Island and probably about 30 minute ride by taxicab if you’ll be coming from Tagbilaran City. In this part again we make a wish.

The next place that we went was in Alona Beach located on the south-west of Panglao Island, I can describe it as one of the most beautiful public beaches in the Philippines it has a one and a half kilometre of white sand.

I think it is better than that of Boracay one thing is different here probably there is no night life because residing near the seashore were stores which sells diving paraphernalia.

alona beach bohol first photo alona beach in bohol second photo alona beach bohol third photo

We have our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm as I remember its around 12:30 in the afternoon with little rain shower during that time, our tour guide which happens to be our taxicab driver told us that the dishes there was delicious and organic so we decided to give it a try.

The ambience was relaxing being far away from the sound of traffic in the city.  We ordered brown rice, spareribs, fish sticks, flower salad, gingered lemonade for my drinks and fruit shake.

bohol bee farm first photo

All of the food was already been eaten except for this ginger lemonade which I could hardly swallow because of its very strong ginger taste.  Although we didn’t have the chance to see the actual bee farm, still our experience here was extraordinary.

After all of this enjoyment, we headed back to the hotel to pack our things and get ready to ride Supercat going to Cebu for our day three Tour. You may also read our Day 1 tour.

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