How to Easily Pay SSS Contribution in BPI Online

Great news, Paying your sss contribution is now much easier because you can now pay it through bpi bank online. You only need to follow 4 simple steps to complete the whole process.

Individual members such as OFWs, voluntary, and self-employed can generate a payment reference number (prn) using the sss mobile app. Afterward, the app will redirect you to the bpi site to proceed with your payment. Easy right?

For each transaction, BPI will charge you 15 pesos convenience fee if you choose this payment option. But it is worth it because it is still cheaper than the cost of back and forth jeepney fare going to any sss branch to do over the counter transactions. Aside from that, traveling nowadays is time-consuming and stressful hahaha.

To pay your sss contribution in Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), you only need to fulfill these two requirements.

First, is you have to install the sss mobile app to generate your prn. You can download it at or in ios AppStore and Google play. Also, your sss number is already registered online at the my.sss portal.

Second, is you should be able to access your bpi account online. I suggest that you visit your bpi branch so they can assist you with this matter. Basically, their staff will help you to enroll your account online so you can enjoy the perks of online banking such as funds transfer, paying your bills online, and as well as buying prepaid cellphone load online.

4 Easy Steps to Pay SSS contribution in BPI Online

If you meet the two aforementioned requirements then follow these 4 simple steps.

  1. Login to SSS Mobile App to Generate PRN

    Select the number of months of the contribution that you want to pay. Select also your preferred amount.

    Double-check your selected particulars. Afterward, generate the payment reference number (PRN).
    generate sss prn for bpi online bank payment

  2. Select BPI as Your Preferred Payment Method

    When you now have your prn, sss mobile app will then prompt you to proceed and select your payment method. In the choices, select the BPI bank. The app will now redirect you to bpi website.

    Aside from BPI bank, you can also pay your sss contribution using your PAYMAYA account, and debit or credit cards.

    If you decide to use the other two options, what you need to do is select paymaya or bank cards in step 2. After that, follow the instruction on your mobile’s screen.

  3. Login to your bpi online account

    Read the terms and conditions of the bank then type your particulars In the given space to be able to log in.

    Select the bpi account that you want to use for paying your contribution. Afterward, proceed with the payment.

  4. BPI will Send You an OTP for your SSS Payment

    In the space provided, Enter the one-time password (OTP) that bpi sent to your registered mobile number. After that, proceed with your payment.

    A pop-up window will show up on your mobile screen once you are successful with your payment.

    Congratulations!!! That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Available Online Payment Options

Currently, the available options through the social security system’s mobile app are PayMaya, Credit and Debit card (Mastercard, Visa, JCB), and BPI Online.

How much is the Convenience Fee when Paying the Contributions Online

According to the mobile app, the convenience fee for using PayMaya is Php 10.00.

If you will use your credit or debit card, the convenience fee is equivalent to 1.75% of your PRN amount. So for example, if your PRN is Php 5000. You can compute your convenience fee as 5000.00 X 0.0175 or equal to 87.5 pesos.

On the other hand, if you choose BPI Online, the convenience fee is just PHP 15.00. Take note that BPI’s required minimum PRN payment amount is PHP 750.00.

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