Creating a Personal Website Offers Limitless Opportunity

Establishing a personal website is one of the best things that you must do online. If you think having an active social media account is nice. I say maintaining a personal website is a lot better. The advantage is it helps you stand out among the crowd.

Let us say, it will be easy for your future employers to find you online. They will have access to your personal information, talents, skillsets, portfolios, resumes, and everything. Yes, can input these pieces of information on your social networking account. But it is more formal in the eyes of your future boss if you show it on your website.

Your account on Facebook has a theme, layout, and format that are identical to its 2.7 Billion monthly active users. Except for your cover photo, everything else is the same Also, if anyone searches for your name on social media sites, Facebook will show them names that are similar to yours. It confuses your prospective employers.

If you have a website, you can personalize it depending on your mood, character, and values. You can alter the default layout, theme color, fonts, and sidebar widgets depending on your personal preference. You can also choose your hosting provider and your domain registrar. You can even make your name the web address (URL).

A website can be used for networking. It’s a special tool to make your contacts grow. Just place there your email address and mobile phone numbers. Once an employer gets interested in your work, they can reach out easily to avail of your service.

If you become popular enough, you can receive invites for TV appearances, presentations, product launches, automobile shows, and sometimes you will be invited to be a guest judge for beauty pageants (yay!!!).

Helping other people through your website is also easier. You can share your latest travel experience, hotel reviews, gadgets, and online stores. When other people search for that topic online, they will be able to read your article for their needed information.

So, how are you going to create a personal website? The first thing to do is think of a domain name (web address), then choose your preferred domain name registrar to register your domain.

Once registered, choose a hosting provider to purchase web hosting. After that, create a website.

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