4 Ways to Get PhilHealth MDR: Online, Email, and via Walk-In

Philhealth MDR means Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Member Data Record. It is a Form that contains the member’s information such as the Philhealth Identification Number (PIN), membership category, home address, civil status, gender, date of birth, and the list of dependents of the member.

If the member is employed, the PhilHealth MDR document will show the details of the member’s employer which includes the employer’s own PhilHealth number, name of the organization, business address, TIN, and contact details.

PhilHealth member has to submit their MDR document to hospitals to avail of their health benefits.

In this article, you will learn to how to get your PhilHealth MDR form online, thru email, and via walk-in for free. This post will also show you the sample MDR form, and teach you the steps on how to update your member data record.

5 Steps to Get Philhealth MDR Online

Step 1: Visit the website of Philhealth to get your MDR

Philhealth’s official website is www.philhealth.gov.ph. At the main navigation, go to the “Online Services” tab.

philhealth online registration step one

Step 2: Go to the ‘Inquiry’ Icon under Membership Row

The ‘Inquiry’ icon is the first option you will see under the membership row. On the same row, are the ‘Electronic Group Enrollment System,’ and the Electronic Registration. Go straight to the ‘Inquiry’ icon.

philhealth member inquiry step 2 one

Step 3: Log in with your PhilHealth Registered Account

Type in your Philhealth Identification Number or PIN, your chosen password, and the captcha then proceed to log in. You also need to answer a random challenge question (occasionally) that you have indicated when you register your Philhealth number online.

my philhealth portal step three

Step 4: View and Check your Member Data Record (MDR) Online

On the main page of your account, on the left side, you will see vertical tabs such as your Member Information, Premium Contributions, Payment Management, User Profile, and Log Out.

Go to the Member Information tab to view your MDR. You will see the Print MDR option at the middle of the page. You have the choice to print or download a PDF copy of your MDR for safekeeping purposes.

how to print philhealth mdr online

Step 5: Print your Philhealth MDR Form

This last step is optional, you can opt to do it or not. However, if you have a dependent who is currently confined in the hospital, you must print a copy of your MDR.

You need to show it to the Philhealth CARES or Customer Assistance, Relations and Empowerment Staff stationed in the respective hospital to assist you when availing of your benefits.

sample form of mdr from philhealth

How to get PhilHealth MDR thru Email

This is the simplest way to get your MDR among the other choices. What you need to do is write an email and send it to ofp@philhealth.gov.ph together with your complete personal details such as your Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name. You also need to include your birthdate.

You will receive a reply together with a copy of your MDR. Download it on your smartphone and a personal computer to make sure that you have a backup copy of the document.

How to Get a Copy of Philhealth MDR via Walk-in

If you have not registered online your existing Philhealth number, then you can get a copy of your MDR via walk-in.

Step 1: Determine the nearest Philhealth Branch in your location

You can do this by visiting the official website at www.philhealth.gov.ph/about_us/map/regional.htm. Under the Directory of Offices, select your current region in the drop-down menu.

For example, if you are from Manila, then you need to select ‘PRO NCR North – Manila’ to know the list of Philhealth branches in the NCR region. If you are from Cebu which is under Region VII (7), then choose PRO VII – Cebu. Davao is under region XI (11) so choose PRO XI – Davao.

philhealth regional

Step 2: Visit your Chosen Philhealth Office and Request a Copy of your MDR

For safety purposes when you visit any of the PhilHealth offices, bring valid IDs as proof that you are the enrolled member requesting the MDR.

How to Request for PhilHealth MDR via an Authorized Representative

If you cannot do the first 3 options I mentioned earlier. There is another option which is by requesting an authorized representative to get the PhilHealth MDR on your behalf.

What you need to do is to make an authorization letter whose specific purpose is for the acquisition of MDR in the nearby PhilHealth branch. Here is a sample of the letter that you can use as a reference:
letter for authorized representative who will get philhealth mdr in the branchYou need to indicate in your letter, the name of your authorized representative. This person can be your husband, brother, children 18 years old and above, uncle, nephew 18 years old and above, and your parents.

You also have to provide them with a photocopy of your valid ID. On their part, they also need to bring a copy of their valid ID for verification purposes which will be conducted by a PhilHealth employee.

What does a PhilHealth MDR form look like and What’s written on it (Sample Photo)

Here is a sample photo of a PhilHealth MDR Form. It is divided into four sections which are the Heading, Member Basic Information, Entity Information, and Dependent Information.

In the Heading, you will find information about PhilHealth, its corporate action center Hotline, and the URL of its official website. You will also see in this section a QR code. If you scan it using a QR code reader, it will show your PhilHealth ID Number.

The Member Basic Information section will show you the personal information based on your records with PhilHealth. It contains the following details:

  • PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN)
  • Member Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Full Name
  • Complete Address
  • Foreign Address (if applicable)
  • Contact numbers for both foreign (if applicable) and local phone numbers
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Civil Status
  • TIN

The Entity Information section reflects the PhilHealth membership details of your employer. You will see in this section the following:

  • PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN) or PhilHealth Organized Group Number (POGN)
  • Name of Employer/ Organized Group
  • Business Address
  • Telephone Number
  • TIN
  • Employment Status
  • Date

Under the Dependents Information section in the MDR Form, is where you will find your list of dependents. You will find in this section the following details:

  • PhilHealth ID number if your Dependents
  • Surname, Given Name, Middle Name
  • Gender
  • Relationship
  • Date of Birth

You can find at the bottom of the PhilHealth MDR sample form the branch manager’s name of the PhilHealth Regional Office where you are registered.

The bottom part contains reminders that you should read the contents of your MDR form. Should there be a discrepancy, you have to go to the PhilHealth branch to have it amended it. Moreover, you have to take care of your MDR and not give it to anyone.

You have to provide a photocopy of your PhilHealth MDR to the hospital to avail of your hospitalization benefits.

PhilHealth MDR sample form its contents

How to Print a copy of the PhilHealth MDR form

There are two options to print your MDR Form. The first is by printing it directly from the PhilHealth website, the second is by printing the PDF version that you stored on your PC. In this part, I will show you both ways.

Option 1: Print your MDR via the PhilHealth website

  • Step 1: Log in to your PhilHealth account

Input your login details in the given space then go to the “Member Information” tab. At the top center of the page, you will immediately see the “Print MDR” button. Tap the latter to see the popup window.

  • Step 2: Tap the Printer Icon and Print your Document

You can find the printer icon on the top right corner of the page. Tap it to see the popup window for the printer settings.

print MDR via the official Philhealth website

In the latter, select the printer that you will use, and the number of copies, and set the color settings. Afterward, print your document on a Legal-size sheet of paper.

Option 2: Print the PDF version of your MDR stored on your PC

  • Step 1: Locate your MDR in your PC storage

You can search for your MDR document on the Desktop, Documents file, or in the Photo file. Double-tap the file once you see it.

  • Step 2: Tap the Printer Icon on your PDF Viewer and Print your MDR

At the upper left corner of your PDF viewer, you can see a “Printer” icon. Tap it to see the printer settings.

print pdf version of MDR

Select the printer you will use, and set the Page Sizing Handling and Orientation. Afterward, hit the “Print” button to print your MDR Form on a Legal-size sheet of paper.

Watch the video:

How to Update your Philhealth MDR in 2 Steps

If you need to change, amend, or update your member data record (MDR) due to changes in your marital status, additional dependents, or change your membership status.

Step 1: Fill up a Philhealth member registration form (PMRF)

Since your purpose is to update the information in your MDR, tick the ‘For Updating’ box. Write legibly and in capital letters.

philhealth pmrf sample form

Fill in the member information, declaration of dependents, and membership category. Make sure that you affix your signature to your registration form to certify that the information you have stated in the form is true and correct.

Step 2: Submit your accomplished PMRF to the Philhealth satellite office near your location

Submit your accomplished PMRF together with your supporting documents relative to the changes that you will make on your member data record (MDR) in the philhealth office nearby. It is advisable to bring government or company-issued valid ID’s for verification purposes only. The other option is to send a copy to email address ofp@philhealth.gov.ph.

Supporting documents include but are not limited to birth certificate, overseas employment certificate (OEC), valid company ID issued abroad, and marriage contract.

Can I update the PhilHealth MDR via Online?

No. You have to visit the PhilHealth branch if you want to change, amend, or update your membership details on your MDR. There is no option on the PhilHealth website where you can update the details stated in your MDR form online.

Is Philhealth MDR a Requirement to Avail Hospital Benefits?

If the hospital of confinement has an available “My Philhealth Portal” facility then you are only required to provide your PhilHealth Benefit Eligibility Form (PBEF). Assuming there is no “My Philhealth Portal,” members need to present their MDR together with other requirements to the PhilHealth staff assigned in the hospital of confinement.

What are the documents that I need to submit together with MDR?

The other requirements include proof of dependency if the confined individual is a qualified dependent of a member, PhilHealth claim form 1, and a copy of PhilHealth premium contribution.

How much is Philhealth MDR Form?

You can get a copy of your MDR FREE of charge. You can go online or to any Philhealth office in the Philippines to get it. Do not make transactions with individuals who will process your Member Data Record in exchange for a fee.

*I hope this helps you guys

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      I think the best way is to send them an email regarding your concern. These are their contact details based on their website Trunkline: 441-7444, Call Center: 441-7442, Email : actioncenter @philhealth.gov.ph.

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    follow the instruction how to create account online and you will get the mdr there by printing the current data you have. if you want to update first the information you must go first to your nearest site to update your information using PMRF form

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