How to Reset Philhealth Password Online?

Did you forget your philhealth online password this 2022? Here are the steps to recover it in 3 minutes or less based on experience. Remembering your login details is necessary before you can view your member information stored in the Philhealth database.

On the new and improved website of philhealth you can access most of your information online. For example, you can view and print a pdf version of your membership details, view your updated contribution, and generate a statement of premium accounts (SPA).

Aside from that, you can also view your user profile, personal philhealth number, email address, and your registered mobile number. I think the only limitation of the website is you can’t edit your details.

On the website, there is also an option to change your existing password. However, if you forgot your password, then first you need to focus on retrieving it.

How to Reset Philhealth Password Online

As I have mentioned earlier, you can get back your password in around 3 minutes. That is if you know your philhealth number and have access to the email address you use when you created your online account.

1. Go to forget password link at the philhealth website

When you visit, you will immediately see the member portal. There you have the option to log in on your existing account, register your number, or retrieve your password.

philhealth password recoveryI will assume that you are here because you want to recover your password. So hover your mouse at the lower left-hand portion of the portal window that says “Forgot Password.”

2. Enter your philhealth PIN number and email

In the new window, philhealth will request you to enter your 12-digit PIN, email, and the 6-digit number CAPTCHA in the given space. Afterward hit the “Send” link (paper airplane icon). The institution will now send to your email address the password reset link.

Note: ensure that you type the correct email format. For example or Philhealth will prompt you of the invalid email format if you type it incorrectly.

3. Check the password reset link on your email

According to philhealth, they send a reset link to your email. After this, login to your respective email providers.

For example Gmail, or yahoo mail. I am sure you know how to do that so I will leave that process to you.

4. Enter your new password and confirm it

When you follow the link from the philhealth email. You will be redirected to a new window where you can see your PhilHealth number. Check the digits if it is correct. Afterward, enter your new password twice for confirmation if it is a match.

reset your philhealth password

To avoid inconvenience, keep in mind the password requirements. According to the government institution, your password should have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 32 characters with at least one upper case, and one lower case letter from A-Z.

It must contain at least one number from 0-9. Furthermore, you should also include one special character such as the @ ()& ! signs. It is up to you to choose.

Based on the requirements, an example of a perfect PhilHealth password is ABCDEFg&123. As you can see it has capital letters, small letter, one special character, and numbers. It is also within the 8 to 32 characters.

5. Login to philhealth with your new password

Alright, assuming everything is doing fine, login to your philhealth online account with your new password. Type in the captcha numbers also.

Once successful, you can now view your personal details that are available to Philhealth such as the details of your dependents list, member category, mobile phone number, and your paid premium contribution.

Note: If you type both your philhealth ID number and Password incorrectly then the page will show you an invalid user credentials notification.

How to recover Philhealth Login details without email

If you don’t have any of the mentioned simple requirements you can’t get your password online.

For example, if you can’t access the email address then you won’t be able to view the password reset link that philhealth will send to your email.

If that is one of your concerns. The other alternative is updating your email address at the nearest philhealth branch. Their staff can access your account to update your information. When you visit the branch bring 2 valid ids. Because they will ask for the latter to verify your identity.

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