How to Pay PhilHealth Online in 6 Easy Steps

You can follow these 6 easy steps to pay your PhilHealth contribution online on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly basis using your Gcash, credit card, or debit card.

Philhealth has recently made a huge update on its website. You can easily notice that the member login page is already working. It also loads very fast using different web browsers.

Along with the improvement is the feature allowing the members to pay PhilHealth using BPI, BDO, or other bank cards. This online payment facility is available to everyone who is under voluntary, OFW, and self-employed membership.

The addition of the online payment option brings convenience on our part because we can access it wherever we are. Unlike before, our only way is to visit a nearby branch during office hours to pay our periodical responsibility to Philhealth.

These steps are simple. You can complete the whole process in 11 minutes or less.

Step 1. Visit the PhilHealth website and go to online services

The official website of the institution is at the green navigation bar go to the “Online Services” link. You can see it easily because it’s on the right side of “our partners.” step-1-go-to-philhealth-member-portal

Step 2. Go to the member portal inquiry link

The inquiry link is the orange icon that has the word “inquiry” written on it.

You can choose to register for an account or simply login with your existing account.

Since you want to pay your contribution let’s assume you have the latter.


Step 3. Type in your philhealth login details

In the given space key in your philhealth identification number and also your password.

Afterward, enter the captcha numbers. You can also refresh the captcha if you don’t like the sets of numbers on it. Then log in.


Step 4. Generate statement of Premium account (SPA)

On your philhealth account homepage, you can generate a philhealth spa. The statement of premium account (spa) is where you can determine the designated number of months and peso value depending on your monthly income.

What you need to do is hover your mouse on the payment management tab in the sidebar. Underneath it is the “Generate SPA” link.

In this part, you need to select the number of months of contribution and the respective month that you want to pay. You can pay for just 1 month or up to 36 months of contribution. It’s all up to you.

When you are finished, the website will then compute the amount in the Philippine peso.

Double-check the amount that you see on the screen so you can determine if it’s correct. Another reason is to know if you have enough funds on your debit or balance for your credit card.

When everything is good, generate your spa and proceed with the payment.

pay your philhealth contribution online

Step 5. Pay your PhilHealth Contribution

In this part, you need to choose the accredited collecting agent where you want to pay your philhealth contribution.

As of the moment you can only choose “MYEG.” But thanks to Philhealth, eventually other accredited collecting agents for online payment will be available. At the MYEG platform, you can use your GCASH, credit or debit card, and also prepaid card. Follow the instructions on the MyEG platform.

Take note that there is a service charge. The accredited collecting partners charge what you called a “service charge or convenience fee” on top of your premium contribution. The basic computation is as follows:

Premium contribution × Service charge + convenience fee = Total amount that you need to pay

The service charge percentage value depends on the payment platform that you will use. For GCASH the service charge is 2.5% of the premium contribution. For Credit or Debit cards the service charge is 3.0% of the premium contribution amount. The convenience fee is Php 25.00 for either.

For example, assuming your premium contribution is Php 1200.00. Here is how to compute your total amount to pay.

  • MyEG GCash = 1200 pesos × 2.5% (or 0.025) + 25 pesos = 1255.00 pesos
  • Debit / Credit Card = 1200 pesos × 3.0% (or 0.03) + 25 pesos = 1261.00 pesos

The range varies depending on the amount of your premium contribution. If you think it’s a bit expensive. I suggest you read again the reasons that I stated above. You will realize that this is a lot cheaper and hassle-free.

Step 6. Receive a payment confirmation notification

This is the last part. Assuming you have followed the process at the online payment platform. you will receive a payment confirmation notification in real-time via text or email and your corresponding Electronic Philhealth Acknowledgement Receipt (ePAR).

To view your ePAR, login again to your philhealth account then proceed to “View SPA history.”

You can choose to download a copy of the form on your mobile device or have it printed to save it at home. You can also do both if you are super cautious.

What are the Benefits of Paying Philhealth Online

You probably already know this, but allow me to give you some scenarios of why it is convenient to pay for your Philhealth online.

First things first, at home before you go to the nearby philhealth branch you need to prepare your “panlakad” clothes. I am pretty sure you will not go to the branch wearing your “pambahay,” because you want to be presentable when you face the philhealth staff.

Going to the nearby office requires traveling which only means it will incur a transportation cost. It can be a “pamasahe” or “pang gasolina.” It may become expensive depending on your distance of the branch you will visit.

If you want to minimize the effect of traffic and avoid the rush hour, you have to leave early. This translates to waking up early but does not necessarily mean arriving early to the branch hahaha.

Traffic can consume an hour or more of your time. Plus the stress that it will give you. It can ruin your day depending on how your perspective.

Sari-sari store owners may need to close their stores for half-day just to process the payment of their philhealth contribution. I know because some of my acquaintances have experienced it many times. Sad right?

At the Philhealth office, there are probably people waiting in line. It may be boring to wait alone so you decided to bring your friend. Unfortunately, come lunchtime, eating a simple value meal at Jollibee cost more than a hundred pesos for one person. Together with friends, it can cost nearly 300 pesos easily hahaha. If you get thirsty, bottled water can cost you Php 50 or more.

After paying your contribution, it’s time to go home right? That also means incurring transportation costs again.

Hands down, it is really worth it to pay our contributions online without leaving your home.

Why there is no Payment Management link in my PhilHealth Account?

The possible reason there is no payment management link in your PhilHealth account is that your membership record is not updated or you have not declared your monthly income.

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