PhilHealth Member Registration Steps

This post will teach you the process for PhilHealth membership registration, and get your permanent ID number depending on your eligibility.

This will also help other individuals under the sectors of employed, self-employed, voluntary, OFW, Life Time Member, and Senior Citizens know the required PhilHealth contributions that they needed to pay on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly basis.

The Philhealth registration is pretty simple. Most of the time, it would only take you 4 quick steps to complete the whole process. If you have the complete requirements before visiting a Philhealth branch, you can finish your membership registration in half of the day.
philhealth contribution table 2019

How to Become a PhilHealth Member for Employed Individuals

The qualified personnel for this type of membership are those who render service in the Government and Private companies. Household helpers and family drivers also belong in this group.

For a newly hired employee with no Philhealth ID Number (PIN)

  • Step 1: Accomplish two copies of Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)
  • Step 2: Submit the properly filled up form to Human Resource department of your company / employer
  • Step 3: Get your Member Data Record and Philhealth ID card from the HR Department of your company / employer

For a newly hired employee with an existing PIN

  • Provide your ID number to your employer so they can update their ER2 or Employer Report of Employees form

How to be a PhilHealth Member for Voluntary and Self-employed

Those who have their own business, a freelancer, or someone working for themselves is qualified for this type of membership. Example of self-employed includes sari-sari store owner, tricycle driver, and doctors who have their own clinics. Here is how to register:

  • Step 1: Visit any PhilHealth branch or satellite office near your location
  • Step 2: Completely fill up the two copies of PMRF or PhilHealth Member Registration Form
  • Step 3: Submit the accomplished PhilHealth Member Registration form to the PhilHealth office
  • Step 4: Get your PhilHealth Member Data Record and your ID number card
  • Step 5: Pay the premium contribution appropriate for your type of membership

PhilHealth Membership Registration for OFWs Guide

To be considered for this type of membership, you need to be a Filipino seafarer or sea-based worker, land based Overseas Filipino worker, or is a Filipino having dual nationality / citizenship. This includes seaman, rig workers, fishermen, and Filipino workers in other countries and living abroad.

OFWs who are currently in the Philippines can visit any Philhealth branch to process their application. OFWs who are outside of the country can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: To register, you can visit any accredited collecting partners such as Ventaja, or iRemit
  • Step 2: Visit Philhealth’s official website and go to Electronic Registration to process the online registration
  • Step 3: Download and accomplish a Philhealth Member Registration form (PMRF)
  • Step 4: Email your duly accomplished PMRF to

PhilHealth Membership Guide for Senior Citizens

This type of membership is available for those Filipino citizens living in the Philippines aged 60 years and above.

  • Step 1: Visit any PhilHealth branch near your location
  • Step 2: accomplish two copies of Philhealth member registration form and attached latest 1 x 1 ID picture on it
  • Step 3: present your Senior Citizen ID and submit your accomplished PMRF to the PhilHealth branch
  • Step 4: Received your PhilHealth ID card and your member data record

PhilHealth Lifetime Membership Registration Guide for Retirees

Qualified members for this group are those who reached the retiring age under the Philippine government law. They have paid the minimum of 120 monthly contributions, and have an existing PhilHealth number. This includes 60 years and above individuals, 56 years and above uniformed personnel, and 55 years and above underground miner-retirees.

  • Step 1: Visit any Philhealth Office or Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO)
  • Step 2: Completely fill up 2 Philhealth Member registration form (PMRF)
  • Step 3: Submit your PMRF with other requirements requested by PhilHealth depending on your current eligibility status.
  • Step 4: Receive your PhilHealth ID card and Member Data Record

What are the Requirements for PhilHealth Lifetime Membership

  • two (2) pieces 1 x 1 latest ID picture
  • two valid IDs
  • Photocopy of any documents listed below depending on your eligibility
philhealth lifetime member requirements

What is the New PhilHealth Contribution Rate in 2023?

The new PhilHealth Contribution Rate in 2023 is 4% of the monthly salary of the member. The new rate is based on the PhilHealth Circular No. 2020-0005.

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