How to Easily Find the Government Jobs in the Philippines?

Government Jobs Philippines refers to employment in organizations and agencies owned and controlled by the Philippine government. Do you want to be employed in different government agencies in the Philippines? Here is the list of government agencies’ websites for you to determine the available Government Jobs in the Philippines.

There are vacancies for any profession and passion in the government. You just need to know your target profession relative to your degree in college, work experience, or skills, and where to look for a job based on it.

Types of Government Jobs in the Philippines

The types of government jobs in the Philippines include construction, public works, medical (health care), tourism, engineering, information technology, finance, and education.

There are thousands of available government jobs in the Philippines. Here are just some examples to give you an idea. You can work in construction and public works where you will be part of the engineering department or as a construction worker.

Doctors, nurses, medical technologies, pharmacies, and other medical professionals can work in the health sector such as in a hospital or health centers.

Government-funded zoos and animal theme parks may need a veterinarian or a caretaker. It may look like a time-consuming job, but for animal lovers, it is their lifelong passion. It is also a thrilling and fulfilling job. Imagine you get to feed a lion or a hippopotamus on a daily basis. Other people visit Zoobic Safari to get up close with the tigers, but you as a zoo caretaker get to be up close with most of the animals daily.

Every government building needs a maintenance person it can be in the engineering department or as a technician. Keeping the elevators functional and the air-conditioning unit efficient is very helpful for normal employees and the public.

Information technology or IT personnel is also an in-demand job in the government.  especially now that most of the branches and agencies are implementing computerization to make every transaction faster and user-friendly to stakeholders.

If you have work experience in the banking sector you can apply for a job in Landbank, the Central Bank of the Philippines, or basically any government-managed financial institution.

Nature lovers equipped with work experience can apply for a job in the government branch related to taking care of the environment. There is a chance that you get to travel to different locations in the Philippines for purposes such as inspection, standardization, and perhaps monitoring of the situation in your designated region.

Teachers impart themselves to students. They mold the students to become an engineer, doctor, nurse, and any profession. It is something to be proud of always.

Aside from all of the mentioned, you can serve the people every day of your working career. Making the lives of people a little better day after day is an opportunity not available to many.

However, before you can start working in the government, you need to pass the civil service exam, or in the case of registered professionals, the PRC board examination.

What are the Types of Employment in the Philippine Government?

The types of employment in the Philippine Government are Full-time (permanent), Part-time, Casual, Contractual, Seasonal, and Project-based.

How to Apply for Government Jobs in the Philippines?

To apply for government jobs in the Philippines, check the job openings on each government agency’s website, determine qualifications, submit the requirements, attend the evaluation process, and receive the job offer.

Step 1: Visit the Website of the Government Agency to find its list of job openings

Go to the official website of the government agency by typing the URL of the latter to the search bar of your preferred browser. Afterward, visit the “Careers,” “Career Opportunities,” “Jobs,” or “Job Opportunities” link on its homepage.

Step 2: Determine the Qualifications

The qualifications are posted on the careers/jobs page on the government agency’s website.
Qualifications refer to the education, training, work experience, eligibility, and competency required for the job position. Before you apply for the posted government job, you should determine if you are eligible for the position based on your qualifications.

Step 3: Submit the Requirements

The requirements are an application letter, a fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017), a performance rating (if applicable), a photocopy of certificate eligibility (CSE rating), a photocopy of transcript of records, and photocopy of training certificates.

The requirements are the documents that the job applicants must submit to the hiring officer of the government agencies. Applicants can submit these documents either personally, via email, or through courier services.

Applicants who will submit their job application via email should indicate on the subject area the following: Position Applied for, item number, and full name of the applicant.

Step 4: Attend the Evaluation Process

The evaluation process of the hiring government agency includes interviews, practical tests, and written examinations. Inquire with the agency about the evaluation process so you will be prepared for it.

Step 5: Get Hired by the Government Agency

Receive an employment contract from the government agency.

What are the Government Agencies with Job Openings in the Philippines List

The government agencies with Job Openings in the Philippines are POEA (DMW), PRC, DENR, DFA, DTI, PSA, DepED, DA, DOTR, and SSS.

To help kickstart your search, here is the list of government agencies that are hiring workers right now. I will also show you the specific locations on their website so you can find their respective job openings by yourself.

Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) Job Opportunities

For those who are searching for a job in POEA, you can visit the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency website at At the homepage scroll down at the lower portion of the homepage until you see the “Job Opportunities” section. Under it, you will see the “JOBS AT POEA” link. government hiring poeaThe other location of job vacancies can be seen in the “Announcement” section located in the lowest portion of the homepage. It is the part of the homepage that has a gray color. Alternatively, you can go directly to

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Vacant Positions

PRC has job openings. You can see the list in the “Vacant Positions” link located at the middle right portion of the homepage which will redirect you to prc careers The vacant position page will show you the list of job openings per office/location, the date it is published, and the complete list of positions needed by the government agency.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Career Opportunities

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the agency in charge of taking care of the environment and natural resources also has job openings.

To view the list of vacant positions, you can go to the DENR website at Hover your mouse to the “Career Opportunities” link located at the homepage navigation bar. You will see there the available positions for the central office, Bureaus, and attached agencies. department of environment jobs philippine governmentYou can also go directly to,,

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Job Vacancies

For Filipinos who want to work in the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, you can visit the DFA website at department of foreign affairs vacanciesYou can see the job vacancies at the “Careers” link located at the website’s homepage navigation bar. You may also go straight to

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Careers

To view the list of job openings for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) you can visit the government agency’s website at government jobs in department of trade and industry

On the home page, scroll down to the lower right part of the website until you see the “QUICK LINKS.” Visit the “career opportunities” link or go to

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Careers

The Philippine Statistics Authority is currently hiring interested/qualified workers. To see the vacancies you can visit the government branch’s website Philippine statistics authority jobs

At the homepage, hover your mouse over the “THE PSA” tab located in the navigation bar. Afterward, go to “Careers.” You can also go to

Department of Education (DepEd) Careers

For those who want to work in the Department of Education, you can visit the DepEd’s official website at department of education careers Hover your mouse at the “About” tab located at the upper left portion of the homepage. Afterward, proceed to “Careers.” Or go here

Department of Agriculture (DA) Job Opportunities

Qualified Filipino workers can visit, the official website of the Department of Agriculture.  department of agriculture jobs

Scroll to the upper middle part of the homepage until so you can see the “TRANSPARENCY” tab, then go to “Job Opportunities” to view the vacancies. To make it easier for you, here it is

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Careers

To know the vacancies under the Department of Transportation (DOTr) you can visit the agency’s official website at department of transportation jobsAt the website’s navigation bar, go to the “Careers” tab then select between DOTr Central Office at or Build Build Build Jobs at

Social Security System (SSS) Career Opportunities

According to the SSS official website, the agency is currently hiring. To know the list of vacancies, interested applicants can visit sss job openingsOn the home page, scroll down at the button part to see the career opportunities icon. It is located next to the “USAP TAYO” icon.

What are the Benefits of Working in the Philippine Government?

The benefits of working in the Philippine Government are job stability, standardized salary, security of tenure, and improved people’s lives.

Job Stability

I think one of the prominent benefits of getting a job in the government sector is stability. The government will always be there to serve the people. even after private companies get out of business due to losing the competition and other natural happenings.

Standardized Salary

The Philippine government follows a certain salary schedule for their respective civilian government personnel. The salary rate depends on the government employee’s position qualification requirements, responsibilities, duties, and accountabilities. It is based on the Republic Act No. 11466 known as the “Salary Standardization Law of 2019”.

For example, the job that you got has Salary Grade 3 Step 1 which is equivalent to Php 13,019. There is a high chance that your counterpart from another government branch has the same salary range as yours. I hope you get what I mean.

Security of Tenure

This is a big factor for those who are searching for a job. In the government, there is what you call security of tenure for permanent positions. You can work and stay in the government until the retirement age of 65 in the Philippines.

Improve People’s Lives

I have already mentioned this earlier but yeah, every day you can improve the lives of the people that you serve.

Whether you work in public works, hospitals, statistics offices, cleaning the surroundings, or taking care of zoo animals, you are changing, and improving people’s lives. Again, it is an opportunity that government workers can do every day plus they earn a salary from it.

How to Find Jobs Abroad in the Philippines?

To find jobs abroad in the Philippines, visit the official website of DMW/POEA at On the website, you can search for jobs based on Job Title, based on destination country, and based on manpower agency.

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