Photography Tips: Dozen Don’ts in Shooting

I was browsing an old Frame One magazine where I read this Dozen Don’ts in Shooting.

Thinking this is something essential for beginners in who want to learn Photography so I decided to share it out.

12 Photography Tips

  1. Don’t use shallow depth of field for group pictures.
  2. Don’t use an extreme telephoto lens either.
  3. Do not disregard the effectiveness of pyramid composition for groups.
  4. Don’t let someone stand directly behind somebody but should stand between two persons even if he is in the hind row.
  5. Don’t have eyes of subjects in various directions.
  6. Don’t position the camera at eigher too low or too high the level of the subject.
  7. Don’t allow “football shoulders,” meaning… too frontal posing
  8. Don’t allow lights to wash out some elements of the subject.
  9. Don’t position two heads at the same level.
  10. Don’t merge hands or body parts with borders of the frame.
  11. Don’t disregard light reflections on camera lens.
  12. Don’t direct eyes so much as to keep the pupils lodged in the corners of the eyes.
basic photography tips

photography tips

*Credits to Prof. CSAngeles for the photography tips

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  • Semidoppel

    I hope those aspiring “photographers” will read the tips! Thanks for sharing

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