Pinoy Big Brother All In Housemates Actual Audition Videos

Pinoy Big Brother All In management yet again show proof that the current season of the reality talent search is not scripted contrary to the beliefs of some fans and followers.

This is by releasing the actual audition videos of selected PBB All In housemates such as Vickie Rushton, Joshua Garcia, and Manolo Pedrosa.

vickie rushton pbb actual audition video

Vickie Rushton PBB All In Actual Audition Video

Watch the Audition Videos below of some PBB All In Housemates

Manolo Pedrosa, 16 years old, told that he wants to enter the house because he wants to experience the challenges that big brother will give him. He also wants to show everyone that he can overcome any problems whatever it may be.

Joshua Garcia, 16 years old, from Batangas. He told in this 14 seconds video that he wants to experience. (Probably, he refers to entering big brother’s house.)

Vickie Marie Victoria Rushton, 21 years old, from Talisay City in Negros Occidental. She told that she deserves to enter Pinoy big brother’s house because she wants to experience to have a big brother that offer advice. This is something that she didn’t experience with her biological brother because of his ailment. She encountered many challenges in life, because of it, she thinks that it is easy for her to overcome the challenges that Kuya will give her.

*Details from Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn Facebook page. Vickie Rushton image screengrab from the Facebook page.

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