Pinoy Big Brother ‘PBB All In’ 18 Housemates Audition Form and Photos

The management of Pinoy Big Brother All In has released the audition forms and photos of the current 18 housemates who are staying inside big brothers house through their official twitter account (@pbbabscbn).

This is probably in response to the issue and allegations of the fans that the screening process for the PBB All In show is scripted. Some fans thought that the current housemates have connection (managers and backers) that is why they did not undergo (allegedly) the usual screening process.

Unlike those thousands from different parts of the country who experienced hardship of queuing, and has made audition videos just to have chance to showcase their talents.

Based on the audition forms and photos released by Pinoy Big Brother official twitter account (@PBBABSCBN), it seems that the current housemates have really undergone audition. See the respective photos below.

Pinoy Big Brother All In Housemates Audition Forms

1. Axel Torres (Jock-next-door ng Taguig)
Axel Torres pbb
2. Loisa Andalio (Talented darling ng Paranaque)
loisa pbb
3. Jacob Benedicto (Cutie Crooner ng Paranaque)
jacob gayanelo pbb4. Ranty (Maginoong Marino ng Quezon)
5. Mariestella C. Racal (Singing Sunshine ng Davao)
maris pbb
6. Manolo Pedrosa (Wonder Son ng Quezon City)
manolo pedrosa pbb
7. Jayme Jalandoni (Devoted daughter ng Las Pinas)
jayme jalandoni pbb
8. Joshua Garcia (Tatay’s boy ng Batangas)
joshua garcia pbb
9. Fifth (Ang Brad kulit ng Pasay)
roberto fifth pbb
10. Vickie (Lady Mahinhin ng Bacolod)
11. Alex Gonzaga (Sassy sister ng Rizal)
12. Fourth (Chef Brad bait ng Pasay)
roberto fourth pbb
13. Aina (Dancing bomb shell ng Boracay)
14. Nichole Baranda (Sweet revelation ng Makati)
nichole baranda pbb
15. Chevin Cecilio (Simpatikong salesman ng Cam Sur)
chevin klein cecilio pbb16. Cess (Biba Raketera ng Valenzuela)
17. Jane Oineza (Rising celebriteen ng Quezon City)

18. Michelle Gumbao (Spunky Spiker of Quezon City)

The term #pbbscripted catapulted to the number one spot of trending topic on Twitter during the show’s kick-off on April 27, 2014.

The show also makes history since all the terms on the trending topic are related to the Pinoy Big Brother All-In show from ABS-CBN.

* This post will be updated once the audition forms and photos of the other housemates will become available. Housemate Photos from Pinoy Big Brother @PBBAbscbn Twitter account

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