Pinoy Henyo for Android Free Download (Latest)

Pinoy Henyo that originates in the longest running noon time show Eat Bulaga is getting a lot of attention each day. It is popular with the Filipino family, but now even high school students are vying for the Pinoy Henyo title and the interesting prizes that go with it. It is a game between competing teams composed of player 1 and 2. It can be played for fast time, and may also serve as trainer if users are planning to compete in the Henyo game.henyo trainer

pinoy henyo

Usually player 1 will guess the given word by mentioning different categories that usually fall under people, place, and food. Player 2 will then help player 1 to get the correct answer by responding YES, NO, and Maybe. Player 1 should mention the exact word the fastest within two minutes otherwise their team will lose. Pinoy Henyo for Android is almost the same as what is in Eat Bulaga the only difference is that this game can be played in different settings such as play random words, guessing pre- defined words. Players can also add new words and recycle words, etc. To explore the game user can download Henyo Trainer on Google play with their latest android phone.

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