Pinoy Henyo: Words, Mechanics, Generator App, Categories

Pinoy Henyo is a guessing game invented and popularized by Eat Bulaga, the longest-running noontime variety show in the Philippines.

“Pinoy” is the term used by Filipinos to call themselves, while “Henyo” is the Spanish word for “Genius”. From this, we can say that the English translation for “Pinoy Henyo” is “Filipino Genius”.

One of the pillars of the show, Joey de Leon named the “Pinoy Henyo” game the “Pambasang Laro ng Bayan. The reason is that Pinoy Henyo is played in every parlor game, Christmas party, birthday party, and team building.

Pinoy Henyo is one of the popular and most awaited TV segments in Eat Bulaga just next to Juan for All, All for Juan. The good news is it is now available to smartphone users. You can get the Pinoy Henyo app for free on your iPhone, iPad, and on your Android devices so you can play Eat Bulaga’s popular classic game segment anywhere.

What are the Difficult and Easy Words in Pinoy Henyo?

The words that are considered difficult are those words that players have difficulty guessing within the 3 minutes time limit. The players also often find it difficult to classify the word’s categories and subcategories.

The featured Pinoy Henyo words are also considered ‘hard’ when players are not familiar with them. Meaning they do not encounter them in their houses, in their surroundings, in the zoos, or in their food. Below are some of the difficult words featured in the Pinoy Henyo game in Eat Bulaga:

  • Anino (Shadow)
  • Usok (smoke)
  • Tinga (food splinter stuck between the teeth)
  • Amag (mold)
  • Kuliti (in the eye)
  • Corregidor
  • Kulugo
  • Butanding
  • Spratly Islands
  • Lampin
  • Cuticle
  • Uban

The words that are considered ‘easy’ are those words that players can guess within the 3 minutes time limit. These words are common to the players because they encounter them in their houses, and in their surroundings. Below are some of the easy words featured in the Pinoy Henyo in Eat Bulaga:

  • Wallet
  • Bola
  • Aircon
  • Hinlalaki
  • Pinto
  • Bintana
  • Toothbrush
  • Aso
  • Pusa
  • Cellphone
  • Liver
  • Spaghetti
  • Stomach

What is the Game Mechanics of Pinoy Henyo

I suppose you already knew how the Pinoy Henyo game works. But for those new to playing the game, there shall be at least 2 players, one Guesser and one Responder.

There is a slight difference when playing this game since this is on the smartphone as compared to the original Pinoy Henyo game in Eat Bulaga.

The Guesser will need to hold the smartphone where the screen faces the Responder. It is very important for the Guesser not to see the screen.

The guesser will then try to guess the word on the screen. He/she needs to ask questions based on different major categories.

Contestants have two minutes each turn to guess the word. The timer stops when the participants guessed the correct word. If all contestants got the henyo word correctly, the fastest players win the game.

How to Download the Pinoy Henyo Words Generator App for iPhone or Android

  • For iPhone or iOS users, open your App Store on your device then search for the “Henyo Trainer” game. Hit the “Get” button to install it on your device.
  • For Android users, open the Play Store app on your device. Type the Pinoy Henyo in the search bar then hit search. In the list of choices, select your preferred version. Afterward, hit the “Install” button to run it on your Android phone.

Note: Some are premium apps that you need to purchase while some are free. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Pinoy Henyo versions in the Play Store. Select whichever you prefer.

About the Henyo Trainer (for iOS/iPhone Users)

Volenday LLC developed the “Henyo Trainer” trivia game app. This word-guessing game app is inspired by Pinoy Henyo. This is only available to iOS users.


Henyo Trainer has lots of random trivia words in its default database. You can choose custom words if you want your own word to be guessed, by contestants. Like the one below:


There is a “Your Own Word” feature that allows you to type in your custom word and also select which category the word falls under. To add a unique word, just hit “Your Own Word.” Enter the word of choice and select the category. Afterward, hit “OK” on the screen.


Here is a sample random word in the Henyo Trainer app.

The default timer is around 2 minutes. However, under the “Time Challenge” option, you can set the limit to as short as 15 seconds and as long as 3 minutes. This probably depends on your perception of how difficult to guess the word is.

What are the Categories and Subcategories in Pinoy Henyo

There are 4 major categories and over 30 subcategories in Pinoy Henyo. The guesser needs to prioritize when asking the responder the appropriate category so their team will guess the word in the fastest time. On the other hand, the responder shall only answer Yes (oo), No (hindi), and Maybe (pwede). Below are some of the major Pinoy Henyo categories:

  • Human/person (tao)
  • Animal (hayop)
  • Things (bagay)
  • Place (Lugar)
  • Food (pagkain)

Below are some of the subcategories in Pinoy Henyo:

  • Living, Deceased, Hero, President, Politician
  • 2 legs, 4 legs, flying, swimming, land, sea, breed, Zoo
  • bag, bahay, wallet, appliances
  • Philippines, Province, City, Visayas, Luzon, Mindanao, local, international
  • Fruits, soup, may sabaw, prito, dry

As an example. If the word falls under the “HUMAN” (TAO) category. The guessers can ask for subcategories such as hero, president, politician, part of the body, and local or international celebrity.

Another example is if the word falls under the “Hayop” (animal) category. The guesser can ask about subcategories such as if it has 4 legs or 2 legs. He/she can add if the animal is flying, found on the farm, found in the zoo, or in the wild.

How can I watch Eat Bulaga?

You can watch Eat Bulaga from Mondays to Fridays from 12 PM to 2:30 PM and on Saturdays from 11:30 PM to 2:30 PM on GMA TV network Channel 7. You can also watch them via live streaming on their official youtube channel

*There you have it guys! I hope this helps.

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