Pizza Hut Pizza Promo Philippines Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza

Pizza Hut has this ongoing promo. When you buy 1 family pan pizza for the price of P419, you will get a second pizza of the same size for free.

Before, you need a pizza hut palm card to enjoy this perk, but now for this particular promo, you no longer need any card to get free pizza from them.

We have tried it and the two pan pizzas were served quickly and surprisingly still freshly hot.

However, the promo is not applicable for delivery and is exclusively for takeout only. If you plan to dine it in maybe you can negotiate with the store manager or crew that you’ll buy a bottomless iced tea so you can eat it in the restaurant (I haven’t tried this strategy yet) :-).

pizza hut delivery

As of the writing, the available pizza flavors are Hawaiian, Cheeseburger, and Ham, Bacon, and Cheese. Flavors, pizza size, and price may change without prior notice. Do not be surprised that when you visit the Pizza Hut store, the pizza flavors they are offering are different.

The Pizza Hut promo is ongoing. Check the other restaurants’ delivery hotlines for other food options. For inquiries, you may send emails to them or visit their stores.

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