Planking: How to have the Perfect Plank

I never had an idea about Planking to be honest I did not know it existed until I read from Yahoo news that by doing planking it claimed the life of an individual from Brisbane Australia on May 15, 2011. The man attempted to do planking on a balcony of a 7th story apartment unfortunately he plummeted and died.

Since that issue I started to search about planking on the internet it sent me to their facebook page and to If given a chance I would like to try planking in between two LRT tracks in Tayuman station and that is if the guards would let me. (LOL)

If you want to know how to have an effective plank, check the steps below courtesy of

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Planking: How to do it Correctly

The art of the perfect plank
1. Location selection / the planking environment is everything. The success of a plank is one half execution, and one half location. Separately, they can be great. Combined, there is a fantastic synergy that can result.
2. The plank: Lie facedown, hands straight down the sides and most importantly, curl your toes in so that you are “levitated” off the ground. Channel your inner plank and visualize becoming the board.
3. Angle: Most planks are executed at a horizontal angle. A 45-degree plank has a higher degree of difficulty, requires more core strength and as a result, has a higher wow factor if executed flawlessly.
4. Bonus points: Camera angle. Cameras shooting downwards on the subject add a jovial quality and result in added hilarity.

1. Attempt planking on top of police cars.
2. Attempt planking on top of moving vehicles.
3. Attempt planking in front of oncoming traffic.
4. Attempt planking in a location that has the potential of you plummeting to your death.
5. Attempt planking into the mouths of carnivorous animals.
6. Attempt planking whilst cooking.
7. Attempt planking whilst swimming in the ocean or local pool.

1. Ensure complete physical control. Planking is a mastery of the mind and body so only attempt when you are in the right frame of mind and rested.
2. Choose appropriate planking locations. The mastery of planking is a result of many contributing factors;
NOT where it is done.
3. Have someone with you so they can take multiple photos from different angles; and can brush you off after you finish your plank.
4. Plank responsibly and spread the good word.

Potential areas for planking
1. In your university exam room after you forgot to study the night before.
2. In high-pressure situations where people expect an answer from you immediately.
3. In hostage situations to “defuse the tension”.

Plank responsibly!

*Image from Planking Facebook page

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