Plants VS Zombies Is Going to Eat Your Brain

Do you like to play tower defense video games or probably you are already burnt off playing these same old games. You might want to give these Plants vs. Zombies a try, because I think this would bring back your addiction on tower defense games and would cause you sleepless nights playing this game over and over again.

Why I’m telling you this is because I had that same experience. I got an interest in this game I think a month ago when I heard one passenger on LRT (light rail transit) told his friend about this game that every time he arrived home from work he immediately plays this Plants vs. Zombies on his PC or smart device.

I just wonder why it is so addicting and why every time I passed by Juan Luna St. (somewhere in Divisoria) I always saw those mobile phone repairmen play this game. So I made up my mind to give it a try, I search on Google about the installer of this game and begin playing.

At first, I find it to be boring but as the game progresses it has something that keeps me on playing. Every time I accomplished a stage there is a new plant that can be used to fight the zombies. I can also experiment on the setups and strategic arrangements of the plants to be able to depend the lawn from the invaders successfully. Sometimes I lose, but most of the time I win. This is probably why I am always excited to play the game because I can do different experiments.

Zombies gonna eat your brain

Below is the description of Plants vs Zombies:

It is a tower defense game developed by PopCap. It can be played on PC, iPhone, and on the latest IPAD. The game was all about a homeowner who uses many varieties of plant to stop a group of zombies from entering his home and eventually eat his brain.

The zombies here are crazy about the taste of the brain that they would use every means of entrance to get in the house. Starting from the front garden and at your backyard including the swimming pool and last is on the roof and chimney.

At the beginning of the game the homeowner with the aid of his co-homeowner Crazy Dave uses only the available plants to defend his garden from bunch of zombies in every stage accomplished a new variety of plants are added to choose from and be able to help the homeowner to defend his garden and prevent his brain from being eaten. Among the plants are the peashooter, sunflower, cherry bomb, wall-nut, potato mine.

Sunflower is very important in every game because this gives the necessary sun points to grow your plant. The zombies also have variety, to mention some flag zombie, conehead zombie, dancing zombie, and others. At the beginning of the game zombies are just wearing a suit, worn-out pants and shoes, but as the homeowner finished every stage the zombies become tougher and tougher.

Plants vs. Zombies can be played on PC by full screen and or window mode. Game types are also available including adventure, mini-games, puzzle and survival. This game has an attention-catching soundtrack that would become more intense once the groups of zombies are arriving.

If you are in the middle of an office meeting and would still want to play the game, I suggest you play in by window mode. In my case, I usually play in by window mode because normally while playing I still have some extracurricular activities being done on my computer. This game is so addicting that every time we had a coffee break/ lunch break this serves as my past time.

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    nice game

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    this game is very intresting. i played it at my friend’s home. i also want to play full version but i hane no money . Please give me this gME FREE

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    how to download this??

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