Play Angry Birds Free in Google Chrome

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake again but this time it is in the web browser google chrome. Yes, you read it right if it happens that you are still looking for angry birds free download and yet up to now can’t find one then this is the chance where you can play angry birds for free as long as you have a PC and internet.

This particular version of angry birds is packed with exclusive levels enabled only for google chrome. You might be asking how big or how much time does it take to download angry birds we’ll you’re very fortunate that you can play it in a matter of seconds all you need to do is download and install google chrome browser (assuming you still don’t have it).

Once you have google chrome head to chrome dot angrybirds dot com in just a short while angry birds will load.

It can be played via standard version (SD) or hi version (HD) which depends on your preference but if you ask me the two choices don’t have a noticeable difference.

You can also play angry birds offline all you need to do is add it up to your list of google chrome apps.

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  • Ahsan

    I am fan of Angry birds. I also use Chrome. So it is easy to play now :)

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