How to Play Angry Birds Free on Facebook

Good news you can now Play Angry Birds free on Facebook. Finally, the ever-popular game on different mobile platforms Angry Birds is now available globally on Facebook. Thanks to the game developer, Rovio for making it happen.

What’s good about it. Is just like any other game app on this popular social networking site, you can play this game for free. You can play with your friends by sending them an invite and there is also an option where you can battle with random players.

As it may seem, this version of angry birds on Facebook is like the original. However, with Facebook touch, since it has features that were exclusive to the players in social media’s website.

The gameplay is very simple, in my opinion. In the beginning, you have to know the rules to win the particular level. Then select the bird you want to load in the slingshot. You can also use different power-ups available at the beginning of the game to protect your chosen ally pig, turning an area into ice, and TNT drop. Afterward, pull the slingshot, take aim, and fire.

4 Easy Steps to Play Angry Birds on Facebook

These are just the simple steps I know for you to find this particular game on FB.

Step 1: Log in to your FB Account

Type in your respective username and password in the given space.

Step 2: Visit the “Games” Link

Hover your mouse at the middle left portion of your Facebook page. You will probably see the “See More” link. Expand the said link. Then scroll down until you see the “Games.” It will redirect you to the Gaming page.

Step 3: Search for Angry Birds in the given space

Again, in the middle portion of the page, you will see a search bar that has a magnifying glass icon in it. Type “Angry Birds” in the search bar.

Step 4: Play the Game

If you are new to the FB browser version of the game, I suggest that you take the time to explore it first. This is to help you become familiar with its rules. Afterward, play the game and just enjoy it.  The alternative way of finding the game is simply by searching it on social media’s search bar. Type the name of the game in the search bar. Under the “Instant Games” just hit the play game icon.

Hopefully, other angry birds series like Rio and season will also become available soon on Facebook.

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