Playing Fruit Ninja for iPhone help kids learn different types of fruits

Download and playing fruit ninja with your android phone or iphone does have proven benefits. Perhaps parents alike play the game as a pastime, for kids, it could be a tool to enhance their learning.

My five-year-old son has some difficulty when comes to differentiating fruits from vegetables and either way, though he doesn’t have problems identifying names and eating them. Just that every time we ask him about the difference between the two oftentimes he cannot give the right answer.

To be honest, I did not feel bothered since he performs well at school and at his age, I didn’t expect him to know much about all things. Recently I bought my wife an iPhone 3gs where my son uses it to play fruit ninja daily.

It seems that playing the game from Halfbrick Studios did help my son recall fruits easily. What happens is whenever we asked him the difference between certain fruits or vegetables he can easily give us the correct answer. We ask how did he know about it? His reply would be “I did not saw it in fruit ninja.”

So if you’re having the same concern with your kids I suggest you download the fruit ninja free version for android or iPhone and let them play maybe a half an hour per day for one week and see the result.

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